Alexa Sends Flat Stanley to Massachusetts

Flat Stanley is on his way to Massachusetts!

Our granddaughter Alexa’s first grade teacher gave her a project called “Flat Stanley.” She was asked to send Flat Stanley to someone who lives far away and who may like to take Flat Stanley on adventures and document their experience.

Imagine the smiles that spread across Nana and Papa’s face when we found out that we came to her mind and that this cute little cutout named “Flat Stanley” was on his way!

Alexa walked the envelope carrying Flat Stanley to the mailbox at the end of her driveway in Virginia.  Her mom took a picture of her huge smile as she gently placed the heart plastered envelope in her mailbox postmarked to Nana & Papa in Auburn, Massachusetts.  

That afternoon, when Alexa’s school bus dropped her off at the end of the driveway, she ran to her mom waiting by the door.  “Did they send him back yet Mom?”

On this day and the couple of days to follow, we all got to learn about patience.  Once he arrived, all of our lives were forever changed!  We love sharing our adventures with Flat Stanley with Alexa, her classmates and Mrs. Wenzel, and hope you enjoy them too!!  

We enjoyed it so much that after his week came to an end, we asked Mrs. Wenzel if we could create a duplicate “cutout cutie” to continue sharing adventures!  “Absolutely,” was her reply.

I’m hoping that Flat Stanley helps kids get through a rough patch while waiting for dinner at a restaurant, or in a doctors office when a distraction is needed, but no books or toys are available.  Mom pulls out her phone and says “Let’s see what Flat Stanley did today!”

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