Flat Stanley is Looking for Spring

Yesterday morning, Flat Stanley and Alexa were playing in the yard and  they found little crocus flowers with their purple and yellow blooms beginning to sprout!  Today, Flat Stanley was missing his friend Alexa, and was very surprised when he looked out the window and saw SNOW! “She would have enjoyed playing in the snow with me,” Flat Stanley thought.

“Is this a late April Fool’s joke?” Flat Stanley asked.  April 2nd in New England brings snow?  What happened to spring?

Nana took the water heater out of the chicken coop yesterday and we wrapped up the electrical cord running from the barn.  Chickens can’t have their water freeze.  So, Flat Stanley and Nana went out first thing in the morning to pour some warm water in their waterer.  The water was fine and the chickens loved the fresh veggie scraps Flat Stanley fed them this morning.

After collecting the eggs, Flat Stanley and Nana began walking toward the house when they heard a BIG Truck and looked out at the street to see another BIG claw machine, coming up the driveway!

Flat Stanley’s smile grew really wide!  It was Bobcat Bob coming back, but this time with a BIGGER Claw!

Bobcat Bob was having trouble seeing out of the window, so he was looking around for a solution.  “That big machine has a LOT of really important mechanical parts and special features, it’s a shame that they forgot windshield wipers,” Bobcat Bob said.

When he left to find a solution, Flat Stanley was quick to take advantage of the situation.

Seeing the key left in the ignition, Flat Stanley was just about to start ‘er up, when Bobcat Bob came back around the side of the house and started down the driveway.  Flat Stanley JUMPED out of the big clawed monster and whistled his way past Bobcat Bob as if nothing had happened.

Maybe someday, he’ll get his chance to operate this big machine.

Unfortunately, nobody will be operating it today.  The snow kept them from being able to see through the windshield.  At least the chickens were happy!  They hate the noise of the big machines.

Hey, do you know how to whistle?  Flat Stanley has a really high pitched whistle, kind of like his singing voice.

I hope you enjoy a happy day that makes you whistle and laugh a lot.  If Flat Stanley made you smile today, please Subscribe so Nana can send you a smile in your email box EVERY day, when she posts a new Flat Stanley Adventure!




2 thoughts on “Flat Stanley is Looking for Spring”

  1. A very exciting morning for Flat Stanley!! Loved it, never a dull moment with him around!At least his adventures put a smile on my face even if it is snowing on April 2! Thank you Colleen for keeping me from a state of depression!!😳😳😳 I’m still cracking up about the wooden egg and your laugh😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Yes…I loved the wooden egg prank! I’ve been kinda trying to keep my spirits up today as well. I want to dig in the dirt and plant a garden with Flat Stanley! I want spring to arrive. But, a few times I’ve returned to Facebook to watch the wooden egg video, and laughter instantly returns! LOL I wish I knew how to post a video using WordPress. I’m learning… Enjoy your day!! Tomorrow will be warmer in New England.

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