Flat Stanley Plays “Digger Dan”

Flat Stanley got up really early today.  Long before Nana and Papa made their coffee, he ran outside to watch the workermen play in the dirt.

Digger Dan was using the monstrous claw machine to dig a hole in the earth that will one day be the basement in Nana and Papa’s new home.

Flat Stanley’s heart was racing and he was so excited when Digger Dan hollered over at him to join him in the big machine!  He ran over the big rocks that Digger Dan had pulled out of the raw hole in the ground and then climbed up on the loud, rumbling machine and into the controllers cabin!

Flat Stanley got to use the controls to pick up dirt from the gigantic hole and then drive the digger machine over to the mountain of dirt and dump the claw of dirt on top of the growing mountain.  Back and forth, time and time again he’d go.

This is when the song hit him and came bubbling up and out of his mouth in his usual high pitch.

“Dig it uh oh oh
Dig it
Dig it uh oh oh, (oh)”

Digger Dan let him know really nicely that Flat Stanley was kind of hurting his ears; but Flat Stanley persisted.  Digger Dan soon found himself singing along with him and enjoying the silly song!

“Dig it uh oh oh
Dig it
Dig it uh oh oh, (oh)”

They sang together.

Nana came out to find Flat Stanley up on top of a giant pile of dirt in the clawed digger machine!  They were trying to get a heavy piece of bedrock out of the crazy big hole in the earth, and it was making the whole digger machine rock back and forth with only the claw itself providing some balance.

Digger Dan looked over and knew I was worried about the little cutout cutie rocking it at the controls.  So, he had Flat Stanley ride the big machine off of the mountain of dirt and Nana brought Flat Stanley inside for breakfast.

“I got to BE “Digger Dan!” he exclaimed with excitement.  “He let me move the lever controls and everything!”  “Nana, did you know that the cabin spins in circles if you turn it around and around?”

Flat Stanley went on with his chatter throughout breakfast.  He was one happy boy today!

After breakfast, Flat Stanley looked out of the window and saw snow flying!  Yes, snow in April! “Nana! Look!!” Flat Stanley shouted.

“When is spring coming?  I’m ready for tulips and forsythia flowers!” I replied in utter disbelief as I finished up the morning dishes watching the snow fly out the window.  “This is one crazy spring!”

Unfortunately, the snow made the grounds and dirt piles turn to mud and started clogging up the machinery, so the workermen had to leave.

Flat Stanley couldn’t wipe the smile from his face all day though, it was such an exciting morning!  The song in his heart stayed with him all day long.

“Dig it uh oh oh
Dig it
Dig it uh oh oh, (oh)”

It was kind of catchy, even Nana found herself singing the tune after putting Flat Stanley to bed with a beautiful smile that wouldn’t leave his face.  His smile was catchy.  She left his room smiling too.

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6 thoughts on “Flat Stanley Plays “Digger Dan””

  1. Big day for Stanley … but OH .. snow in April? My, my, my your poor flowers must be so anxious for a bit of sunshine — and the workmen too probably. Hope it comes soon!

    1. Big day indeed! Nana loves watching the workermen too! It’s an exciting scene out here! The noise at 6:45am is a bit over the top, but the excitement still rises as I wake. For Flat Stanley, it’s just over the moon bolts of lightning excitement! Fun times!! This daily writing is the funnest part of my day.

  2. 🤗🤗 Oh my Lord I can’t even tell you how much this one made me laugh and smile! Love the names you give the workers Digger Dan, and Bobcat Bob!! You’re simply amazing Colleen, I never thought that some thing so simple and cute could bring such excitement and joy to my life! Flat Stanley is becoming part of my every day enjoyment l! I look forwards to his adventures every day!! Thank you Colleen!

    1. I’m glad that you are enjoying this with your family as much as I’m enjoying writing about Flat Stanley and his silly ways. I was standing next to Steve “Bobcat Bob” in the yard. We were watching the big digger rocking on the edge of the dirt pile and I was truly concerned. BobCat Bob assured me that he was the best operator in the business and not to worry. My response was that tomorrow Flat Stanley would meet “Digger Dan,” Steve’s smile reflected his own joy in the tales. 😄😅 We all need a little silliness in our lives!

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