Flat Stanley Joins the Concrete Crew

Flat Stanley could hear the workermen outside, and when he peeked out the window, he saw a few guys lifting heavy boards out of the truck and forming the foundation of Nana and Papa’s new home.

The foreman saw Flat Stanley running towards him.  He was a bit short on his crew today, so the foreman just came out and asked him, “Flat Stanley, you look like an able young man, would you like to join our crew for the day?”

Flat Stanley’s chest puffed up a bit (as much as it could being flat and all), but he stood up straight and tall and said, “Yes, Sir!”

Foreman Frank asked Flat Stanley to work with his own son, to help him move the boards and get them in the big ditch.

He struggled a bit, but he really worked hard with his crewmates.  They placed the boards in framed squares, where the concrete would be poured.

After the boards were layed out in the exact measurements and formation of the future house, it was time for concrete!

“Ohhh boy oh boy!!” Flat Stanley said, as he was asked to help the driver get the truck placed just right so that the concrete would come out of the mighty rolling machine and set to pour into the little frames.  Then he got to FLIP the lever and ggggguuuussssshhhhhh, out came the heavy concrete pouring down the ramp.

Flat Stanley had an idea about the ramp!  It looked like a fun ramp, like a slide!  You know he wanted to, you know he had to; you know he did.

He came down the ramp singing.. “ohhh oohhhh the landslide brought him down…down…”

The concrete crew actually enjoyed Flat Stanley’s silliness and helped him up.  Then they put a trowel in his hand.  That’s the thing they use to smooth out the concrete.

The concrete was then leveled out nice and flat with perfect grooves down the middle.  





This is when Flat Stanley got another crazy idea!  He could see the concrete begin to harden, and decided his foot prints would make really pretty tracks in the not yet hard stone.  Then they’d be there forever once they harden!

He begged and he begged Greg.  He was one of the workermen who seemed really nice. “Please, Greg, pleeeeease will you help me leave my footprints in the concrete.” Greg was feeling kind of groovy and actually let Flat Stanley leave his footprints permanently in the foundation of Nana and Papa’s new home!

“Woooo hooooo,” Flat Stanley shouted, “thank you ‘groovy’ Greg!”

After a long days work, Nana came out with her shout, “oohh it’s time for DIIINNNNNNNAAAAHHHHH”

The foreman thanked Flat Stanley for a hard days work. He told him that a check would be arriving and that if he ever needed a job, that his future was as secure as his toolbelt!

Flat Stanley was beaming! Even after a hard days work that left him exhausted, he was smiling.  I hope you’re smiling too.  Oh, there goes Nana again, “OOohhh it’s time for DIIIIIINNNNNnAAAAHHhhhh…” and into the house he ran.

I hope Flat Stanley and the concrete crew brought a smile to your face, as they did mine today.  This one was a lot of fun to put together, the concrete crew was a lot of fun and they LOVED Flat Stanley!  If you subscribe, Nana will send you an email every time a new Flat Stanley Adventure is posted.  I know you can use a daily smile, everyone can these days.




12 thoughts on “Flat Stanley Joins the Concrete Crew”

  1. This one I can relate to!!My father was a brick mason and he mixed cement too! When I was old enough to help him he had me mixing cement laying brick making sidewalks and much more!! Like Flat Stanley, there was never a dull moment when my dad was around!! I so enjoyed this adventure Colleen, it brought such fond memories back to me, and of course put a great big smile on my face!🤗 I couldn’t wait for my grand daughters to come home from school so they can read it later!! 😉 I’m sure they’ll love this one like I have! I love how everybody is involved with Flat Stanley’s adventure, just knowing that there’s always room in their hearts for laughter!! Thank you Colleen for another great adventure!!!🤗🤗🤗

    1. I’m glad that Flat Stanley and Nana could stir up or “set” some great memories for you! I hope your grandkids, like you, never grow out of silly giggles and having fun! 😊

  2. Oh, goodness! This one brought more than smiles. It brought out loud laughter and tears of joy! Another great adventure! Just love these adventures. Cannot get enough of Flat Stanley! Thank you!

  3. I just got goose bumps .What memories Flat Stanley brings.That ramp gets heavy when crew doesn’t wash it out good.Looks like you are on the way to getting your house built

    1. The house is coming along! In one week trees were cleared, ground down, the Earth was dug for basement and now concrete leveled and set! Exciting times for Nana, Papa and Flat Stanley! 😁

  4. Hello Colleen ,
    Thank you so much for sharing with us! It made me smile to see the boys hard at work. They will be back tomorrow to start the walls! How exciting can’t wait to see more of flat Stanley!


    1. As a grandmother of 18, I was overjoyed when our granddaughter Alexa sent this cut out cutie to us here in Massachusetts. He’s been very well accepted in the area, but a day at work with your boys was a true highlight! 😋 Thanks for your kind words Linda.

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