Flat Stanley Travels to Virginia

Flat Stanley helped Nana pack up the last minute items and load them in the car, and then found his favorite seat in the cup holder.

“This is going to be a long day of driving, but tomorrow we will wake up next to a beautiful lake, overlooking the Potomac River.  Did you know that this is the river that George Washington crossed on Christmas night in 1776 during the Revolutionary War, before he became our first president?” Nana asked.

As they drove through Massachusetts there were still patches of snow on the ground and no signs of spring.

In Connecticut there was a lot of traffic on the highway, so Nana took the side roads for a while.  This is where we saw a beautiful park and playground.  Flat Stanley wished he could get out and slide down the slide just one time.  You know how much he loves to slide!

Nana was thrilled to see the daffodils and forsythia in full bloom!

No sliding today, just driving.  The trees are still bare and Papa said they looked like stick figure people.  Then he spoke of a poem yet to be written about the barren trees.

The next state we drove through was New York!  The traffic was awful, and it was feeling stuffy in the car, so Nana rolled her window down.  That was a big mistake!  Although the air was warmer as we were driving south, the fumes and pollution didn’t give us our much needed oxygen. Nana quickly rolled the window back up.

Every time we crossed a long bridge, Nana told Flat Stanley to hold his breath and make a wish.  She said that if we hold our breath for the entire bridge, that our wishes will come true.

Flat Stanley wished for lunch.

What would you wish for?

The skyline of New York City came into view as we crossed the George Washington bridge.  Do you  remember who George Washington was?

New Jersey has this really busy highway called a turnpike.  Flat Stanley was happy when Nana pulled into the service area for lunch!

“Wishes do come true!” Flat Stanley exclaimed.

Papa was very hungry and loved his Popeye’s spicy chicken!

After a quick lunch we headed back to join the “rat race” as Nana refers to the turnpike.

Nana was counting all of the states we were going through today, she was naming six.  Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC and finally, Virginia!! That’s a lot of states!

Flat Stanley looked up and saw the “Welcome to Delaware” sign.

“You forgot Delaware, Nana.  But it’s ok because you’re still right.  Washington DC isn’t technically a state, so it’s still six states we’ll pass through today.

Delaware went by very quickly!  It’s no wonder Nana forgot it.

We stopped at McDonald’s in Maryland.  Flat Stanley loves the chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce.  What’s your favorite thing at McDonald’s?

We watched the sunset from a VERY long bridge crossing the Potomac River.  Flat Stanley wished for this ride to end as he held his breath this time.  Then he saw the “Welcome to Virginia” sign! “Yeahhhhh!!  See, I told you wishes come true Flat Stanley said.

When we pulled into Auntie Elaine’s and Uncle Jimmy’s driveway, Flat Stanley was happy to be treated with so many kisses from their dog, Henry.

It tickled when he kept licking Flat Stanley’s ear.

Uncle Jimmy brought Flat Stanley’s favorite potato chips out, Sour Cream and Onion! Yum!

Uncle Jimmy is a silly man!  He made Flat Stanley laugh as he got ready for bed.  He was still smiling when his head hit the pillow.

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7 thoughts on “Flat Stanley Travels to Virginia”

  1. I can’t wait to see Flat Stanley again. I’ve been missing him!!!!! I’m glad he has had so much fun with you. We all are looking forward to your visit. Alexa can hardly contain herself!!!!😊💕🌼🌸

  2. That was a long drive, I’m glad to hear you all made it there safely! I hope Flat Stanley enjoys his vacation, as well as you and Dennis! Thank goodness the weather here in Massachusetts is getting better!! Between the good weather and and Flat Stanley’s adventures I had reasons to smile!! My wish would be, I hope his adventures never end!! Thank you Colleen! You’re amazing !!😘💕🌸🌷

    1. It was a very long drive, but it will be wonderful to spend time with the grandloves. We’re looking forward to some fun with them and Flat Stanley will have fun adventures to share!

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