Springtime in Virginia with Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley woke up early.  He was anxious to go outside and explore the lake and yard around Auntie Elaine and Uncle Jimmy’s house.

“Come on Henry!!” Flat Stanley said to their dog and then he tried to whistle.  It wasn’t much of a whistle, but Henry caught his intention and ran by his side.

Henry ran across the grass ahead of Flat Stanley. He’d scuttle three steps ahead and then turn around to make sure Flat Stanley was following.

The water was so beautiful.

Flat Stanley went out on the dock to look for fish swimming below.  He didn’t see any fish, but two big ducks paddling their feet with a flutter, scuttled past.

He walked back up to the house and found springtime!! Nana is going to be so happy to see this!  He laid in the middle of the phlox flowers, rolling around and around, breathing in the scent of spring!

“Ahhhh springtime!!” he said as he exhaled.

He wanted to pick an Iris for Nana.  The flowers were in perfect bloom their petals blew softly in the spring breeze.  Flat Stanley decided the flowers were happier in the garden.

Uncle Jimmy lined the gardens with bowling balls!

Flat Stanley wanted to go bowling, you know he really had to; you know he did.

He picked up one of the heavy bowling balls.  He couldn’t quite lift it when he stuck his little fingers in the holes, so he got his hands underneath the heavy ball, and hefted it up. With a mighty push throw, he projected the heavy bowling ball forward on the grass.

That’s when Nana came out on the porch. She didn’t look very happy about Flat Stanley’s lawn bowling.

And then Flat Stanley’s last hefty finale came, but the ball went a little too far and went crashing against the rocks.

Flat Stanley clenched his teeth as the bowling ball careened and crashed down the rocky bed.

A loud voice screeched “SteeerrrIKE!!! From across the yard. Auntie Elaine had come out on the porch just in time to save the day.

It made Flat Stanley giggle and yes, even Nana, who stood shaking her head,  smiled and chuckled.

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4 thoughts on “Springtime in Virginia with Flat Stanley”

  1. What a beautiful adventure this is! The Iris’s and the pholx flowers look so pretty I wish mine were growing like that now. I’m lucky I can see a small green nub coming out of the ground for my iris’s! Pretty soon hopefully I will see something! It must be warmer im Virginia! Oh but Flat stanley always manages to course some camotion no matter where he is!! 😂 That’s what puts the smile on our faces! Thank you Colleen, another day another smile on my face and my grand daughters!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    1. I’m hoping our Massachusetts spring will still be in bloom when we return. After the winter we had, everyone deserves two springtimes! I’m glad you enjoyed this one as much as I did!

  2. Auntie Elaine is great at saving the day! I like her style! Flat Stanley sure does know how to see the beauty and joy in life! Thanks for the wonderful smiles, and an opportunity to live vicariously through Flat Stanley, Nana and Papa 💞

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