Flat Stanley at Play with the Pets

Auntie Elaine and Uncle Jimmy have a lot of pets.  None of the pets make breakfast for them, but Flat Stanley had fun playing with them during their visit.

Henry the dog has a favorite stuffed toy.  His name is “Rocky the Racoon.”

Flat Stanley was sitting on the couch and Henry came running up with “Rocky” dangling from his little mouth.  He dropped the stuffed toy at Flat Stanley’s feet.

Then Henry waited a bit less than patiently for Flat Stanley to toss the toy, again and again.

This wore Henry out!  Henry needed a nap!

Papa and Auntie Elaine were laughing with Nana when Riley, their cat, curled up INSIDE Papa’s slippers!  He was too big to fit all of the way inside, but it was funny to watch him try!

It seemed to be nap time for all of the pets.  Uncle Jimmy and Papa then decided to join in on the Sleepytime Festival and went into Dreamland too.

Penny the cat wasn’t sleeping, but she wasn’t much fun either.  She turned away when Flat Stanley threw Rocky the Racoon.  She was not amused.

And then the fish didn’t want to play with Flat Stanley either.

Flat Stanley is good at finding his own fun as you know and this day was no exception!  He went for a little walk outside and found himself in the middle of a pink flamingo oasis!

Yehaadoodledeeeeee!!!! Flat Stanley hollered as he rode the wild beasts.  Yippeeekayayyyyyy up up and away!!

Flat Stanley has an imagination dreams are made of.  It keeps him smiling.

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3 thoughts on “Flat Stanley at Play with the Pets”

    1. Haha a silly adventure indeed! I think I should have called this one “The Pink Flamingo Oasis,” but I was afraid of giving away the storyline too soon. I still like “The Pink Flamingo Oasis” though. As I type this, I truly wish I could include the sound of Henry the dog humming and cajoling with Rocky the Racoon. It would bring more giggles.

      1. The adventures you write, Colleen don’t need sound because the detail and
        excitement you put into each one of them, a person can almost hear what’s going on!!! Keep them coming Colleen I treasure every one of them 🤗👍🏻

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