Flat Stanley in The Land of Wishes

Flat Stanley ran out to greet Alexa as she came down the giant stairs of the school bus with a big smile! It was a happy reunion with a lot of hugs and smiles.

When they walked up the driveway to the house together, Flat Stanley’s eyes lit up with sparkles of excitement and he  said to Alexa, “look at all those wishes in your yard!”

Flat Stanley jumped down in the middle of the wishes!  Then, you wouldn’t believe what happened, but Nana got a picture of it, so we have proof.

If you look really close, you can see the wasp that landed on his left hand.  Thankfully, it was a friendly wasp, and he didn’t sting Flat Stanley.  Thet would have hurt!

Alexa picked him up and picked the biggest wish making Dandelion from the yard.  She closed her eyes and held Flat Stanley close…and then she made her wish.

What do you think Alexa wished for?

If wishes come true, I think she wished for a fun day with Nana, Papa, Flat Stanley and the family.

Flat Stanley smiled really big for the camera as Alexa caught him climbing up the dogwood tree to smell the flowers.  Did you know that the Dogwood tree is recognized as THE Virginia state tree?

Then Alexa got her bike and fancy safety helmet from the garage.

Alexa put Flat Stanley in her bicycle pouch and rode like the wind down the little side street.  Flat Stanley started singing.

“Ride, ride like the wind…” As he felt the wind blowing through his hair.

They passed Alexa’s sister Jaida on her pogo stick.  It was a beautiful day for playing outside.

Nana was delighted to spend this afternoon in the warm Virginia springtime, outside with Flat Stanley and her grandloves.

After Alexa’s brother  Jake scared Nana with his tricks on his bicycle, Jake and Jaida continued to worry Nana with their skateboard tricks. These. Kids!

The smiles couldn’t be bigger here in Virginia!  I hope this finds you smiling too!  Thanks for subscribing and sharing Flat Stanley’s Adventures with your friends and family.




8 thoughts on “Flat Stanley in The Land of Wishes”

  1. What a sweet beautiful picture of you and Alexa!! I had no idea there were two Flat Stanley’s!! It looks so pretty in Virginia, by the time you come back to Massachusetts it should start looking the same way! Such a happy adventure I’m glad to see you made there safe! Keep the smiles coming Colleen I love them all!! 😘🤗

  2. Love this story! Miss you all and looking forward to reading all about your adventures while I’m away this week! ❤️

  3. I loved this little adventure of Flat Stanley in the “Land of Wishes.” The picture of Alexa at the top is beautiful, and the one with Flat Stanley in the dandelion fluff is so cute! Good thing that was a friendly wasp!
    Thank you for sharing these daily tales!!

    <3 Grammy Pags

    1. Thanks Rhonda! I enjoy looking at life through the lens of a silly seven year old for a few minutes every day. I’m glad I can share the smiles it brings to my day!

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