Flat Stanley is Off for New Adventures

Flat Stanley woke up with a spring in his step and danced to the breakfast table.

“Cha Cha Cha I see Alexa todayyy” Flat Stanley sang a little ditty to the movement of his feet.

Nana and Papa were busy packing up  the car.  Auntie Elaine and Uncle Jimmy had been collecting their egg cartons and Nana asked Flat Stanley to pack up the eggs for Auntie Shana and Auntie Tanya’s households.

The spring in Nana’s step went in two directions.  So happy to be on their way to spend a week with their nine grandloves in Virginia, and sad to be leaving Auntie Elaine and Uncle Jimmy.

“We hope you’ll be able to come over for lunch next week. It’s about an hour drive, so maybe we can meet halfway.”

The thought of a short-term goodbye made it easier.

While Nana and Papa were busy saying their goodbyes, Flat Stanley said “adios amigos” to his new pet friends Riley, Penny and most friendly Henry.

Before hitting the road they stopped for lunch at the local Bobby K’s in Colonial Beach, Virginia.

This is where flat Stanley spotted the giant Rooster!

“Oh Papa, You know I want to, you know I need to, you know I have to!”

Papa’s smile grew wider as he hefted Flat Stanley up on the giant Rooster.

“Yippeeekayayyyyyy!!! I’m off to see Alexa!” Flat Stanley shouted in the crowded restaurant.

Nana gave Papa “the look,” and Papa brought Flat Stanley back to the table.  He was smiling wide and ate very quickly ready to be on the road for more adventures!

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4 thoughts on “Flat Stanley is Off for New Adventures”

  1. That was such a happy adventure!! We loved it!! I felt like i was there with you!! Emilee got a big kick out it Flat Stanley on the giant rooster and Alissa thought it was funny how Papa put him on the rooster! I personally thoughr the entire adventure was fun, needless to say it defiantly put a great big smile on our faces!!! Thank you Colleen🤗😘

  2. I think it’s awesome, how much fun your having with Flat Stanley! Lol😂😂 I can just picture putting him up on that rooster! Thankyou for sharing, and bringing a smile into my day!👍💜

    1. Flat Stanley brings smiles to everyone!! The waitress at Bobby K’s restaurant saw Flat Stanley on the rooster and thought that the little boy at the table next to us had left him there. When Nana confessed “No, it was me,” the waitress was surprised, but again, a broad smile came to her face! Flat Stanley is so good at spreading smiles! I’m glad he’s making you smile too!!

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