Flat Stanley Shares Thai Food with Alexa

Nana and Papa woke up with twinkling taste buds.  They were in the mood for Thai food and couldn’t wait to visit Thai Town near Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Alexa tried the coconut soup, tom kha ga, but it wasn’t her favorite.  She gave it to her grandma Christa, and she loved it!

Alexa and Flat Stanley shared the Chicken on a stick, called Satay.  They both loved the creamy peanutty sauce!

“This is the BEST Asian food ever!” Alexa said.  She’s definitely Nana and Papa’s grandlove!  They feel the same way.

When Nana went to pay the bill, she found Flat Stanley had snuck away from the table and climbed up on the lovely buddhist display to dance with the pretty karashina doll!

Flat Stanley’s feet were moving to the funky beat pulsing with his heart. “Yaba baba bay bay, Saba Saba nay nay!” He danced as he chanted and grooved in his groovy way. Until…

“Flat Stanley! What did you get into today?” Nana exclaimed in her not so nice tone.

Nana was helping Flat Stanley down from the special display and brought him back to the table where Alexa was just finishing the last sip of her pink lemonade.  She sucked on the straw and made loud gurgling sounds in the bottom of the cup.

The nice lady at the restaurant had a pretty smile and brought Papa the hot hot hot peppers he asked for and has to have whenever we visit Thai Town!

After everyone was very full and very happy, we decided it was time to go shopping!

Nana saw the “little cuties” tangerine display and just had to have a picture of her “little cuties” in front of the store display.

Nana placed Flat Stanley safely in Grandma Christa’s care. Flat Stanley enjoyed the motorized cart.

As Nana turned down isle fourteen, to pick up some baking powder for her peanut butter cookies; around the corner flies Grandma Christa and Flat Stanley.

“Bbbbrrrmmmmmmm, bbbbrrrmmmmmmm” Flat Stanley hummed with the cart as they flew past Nana in the isle.

There was little Nana could do.

I just shook my head and finished up with my shopping.

We all met up at the check out with big smiles!  Alexa had a few crafts in the cart.  Nana’s been trying to get the grandloves to enjoy baseball with her, but sometimes a distraction works best.

We hope you enjoyed this distraction of smiles today!  Thanks for subscribing and sharing the smiles Nana and Flat Stanley bring!


6 thoughts on “Flat Stanley Shares Thai Food with Alexa”

  1. OH, hi everyone! I haven’t had time to read many of Flat Stanley’s adventures, but I zipped through this one and had a few good chuckles. Nana Colleen, your stories and adventures with Flat Stanley are adorable. I love the pictures you capture of him – all over the place!
    Have a great weekend!

    <3 Grammy Pags

    PS – I'm going back to read April 28 to see what Flat Stanley was up to on my birthday! <3

  2. Thank you for the kind words Rhonda. This is a great time to hear from you! I’m on vacation visiting with the grandloves and we’re working on depicting “kindness” in our pictures. Your book was a great hit and an inspiration! <3 I hope you enjoyed a wonderful birthday!!

  3. We love Thai food! In fact after reading this adventure the girls asked their father to pick some up to go so the could eat it at home because they had too much homework! So he did! Hot peppers are my favorite, sometimes they are so hot I feel my ears ringing😂😂😂 Flat Stanley’s adventure put smiles on all our faces today!! Thank you Colleen🤗😂😘

    1. Yeah! I’m happy to hear that tingling tastes for Thai food are contagious! <3 It's nice to pass down the love for spice! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful dinner with your smiles!

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