Flat Stanley enjoys May Day!

The first of May is a very special holiday!

“Flat Stanley, today we get to celebrate May Day with Alexa!” Nana exclaimed, showing her holiday excitement.

We started off by gathering a nice bunch of flowers for Alexa to take to school and give to her first grade teacher, Mrs. Wenzel.

Mrs. Wenzel was so surprised to see Flat Stanley strutting in wearing his infamous red suspenders!

“Happy May Day,” Alexa and Flat Stanley sang out together.

May Day is a special holiday originating long ago in the Roman times, to celebrate the goddess of flowers, the changing of the seasons and warmer weather!

On May Day in England, Scotland, and other Eastern European countries, they celebrate May Day by dancing around the colorful May Pole.

“The children (and young at heart) form a circle around the pole.  Long ribbons stretch from the top of the pole, to each person in the circle.  And then they dance!” Nana explained.

Alexa and Flat Stanley loved the cake that Nana bought for their own May Day celebration.

Flat Stanley got a lot of icing on his face, he’s a very messy eater; but Alexa helped him clean up.

After cake, they used bright markers to color spring designs on the the flower pockets they were creating.  Nana helped them shape the paper into a cone and tape it together.

Then Alexa and Flat Stanley placed fresh flowers in the cones and tied a string, so the cone of flowers could hang from a doorknob.

And then the fun part!

“OK Alexa,” Flat Stanley said, “you do the first one, hang it from the neighbor’s doorknob, ring the doorbell and RUN back to us.  We’ll stay hidden behind this bush.”

Alexa was a little nervous at first, but she knew that the nice neighbor Mrs. Buford would love the surprise.

Alexa hung the beautiful bouquet in her pretty handmade cone basket on the doorknob.

She could hear Mrs. Buford talking to her dog inside, so she rang the doorbell and ran as fast as the wind back behind the bush, where Flat Stanley was crouching in his hiding place.

They watched as their neighbor, Mrs. Buford opened the door. Seeing nobody there, she looked a bit dismayed.  But then she saw it!  She saw the beautiful bouquet left secretively for her.  She looked up and down the sidewalk wondering who left these fresh flowers and pretty May Day cone of flowers for her.

Success!  Alexa and Flat Stanley remained hiding as May Day is all about making people smile in secret.  They can’t find out who left the flowers, or the secret is blown!

They did have a hard time containing their giggles as they watched Mrs. Buford take her flowers inside and shut the door; she was smiling.

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7 thoughts on “Flat Stanley enjoys May Day!”

  1. 🤗🤗🤗 Wow what a delightful adventure that was!!! Happy May Day to you Colleen🌷🌸💐🌹🌺🌺🌸💐 You are such a sweetheart!! Loved this adventure it brought a great big smile to my face! Thank you so much!! My girls Emilee and Alissa thought this one was definitely the cutest adventure!🤗😘

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the smiles this one brought to your family. Nana is anxiously waiting for the school bus to bring the grandloves home! I have cake, markers, paper and flowers ready to bring this one to life!! Nana is having way too much fun on this vacation with her grandloves!

  2. Alexa and Stanley will never forget May Day, what it means and how to celebrate … you are so clever Nana!! Love you all.

    1. Fun times for everyone! I posted our own May Day baskets on Facebook…I wish I could have recorded the neighbor’s face looking up and down the drive as we hid!

  3. I love ❤️ Flat Stanley and all of his adventures. Thank you for making Alexa (and me) smile reading all about his wonderful adventures. Thank you so much. You are a fantastic person 😊💕😊

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