Flat Stanley Joins the Orchestra

Flat Stanley was really looking forward to his day with Alexa’s big sister, Jaida.

He climbed up the giant steps, onto the school bus and found his seat; right in the front row, behind the bus driver.

“Come on, Flat Stanley,” Jaida said “my friends are in the back row, where the cool kids sit.”

Flat Stanley counted the rows of seats as they made their way to the very back of the bus.

“16 rows!” Flat Stanley exclaimed as he hopped up on the seat under the very back window.

Jaida introduced Flat Stanley to Cool Cody “Dominic.”  He let Flat Stanley wear his ear buds and listen to his boppin’ music.

As they cruised up to the middle school, Flat Stanley slid into Jaida’s backpack.  Flat Stanley isn’t old enough to be seen in middle school, so he had to hide.

Sometimes, between classes, Flat Stanley would poke Jaida’s back, through her backpack.  She giggled down the hallways.

At one point, Jaida took Flat Stanley out for one sneak peek at the coolest hallway in the school!

This hallway listed all the kids that worked really hard in school.

Flat Stanley also liked the shiny trophy case that highlighted the school’s top athletes.

After school, Jaida had an orchestra concert to perform in.  She plays the clarinet really well.  Flat Stanley enjoys listening to her practice, but to hear her play with a full band of instruments was going to be really fun!

Flat Stanley had the best seat in the house; in Papa’s shirt pocket.

It wasn’t long before Jaida took the stage like a rock star! Flat Stanley was clapping for her!

They sounded precise and well practiced.  Flat Stanley’s feet were tapping so hard, he almost toppled out of Papa’s pocket.

Flat Stanley was watching the conductor “Maestro,” as his arms flew through the air leading the beat. He looked at the row of clarinet players that Jaida played in perfect time with, he watched the oboe players and flute players, but he decided it was the symbols  he would play when he’s in middle school.

Or maybe he will play the BIG Tuba!

He really couldn’t decide!  But then he came across the DRUM!  He knew then that he would grow up and play the drums like Alexa and Jaida’s big brother, Jake!

Flat Stanley tracked the drummer down because he was feeling the groove through his bones! You know he wanted to, you know he had to; you know he did!

Flat Stanley found the drummer and joined the orchestra!

With a bam boom bam and a rattaty tat, he hammered out a beat, just like that!

After the show, everyone was congratulating Jaida, Flat Stanley and the band.

Papa gave Jaida a big kiss on the cheek.

Flat Stanley then got to meet Jaida’s daddy, Leo.  He was very proud of his girl.

Jaida had a wonderful night and was smiling.  We were all smiling!  I hope this finds you smiling too!  Thank you for sharing Flat Stanley’s daily adventure eBook blog with your friends and family!  We all need smiles delivered daily.

6 thoughts on “Flat Stanley Joins the Orchestra”

  1. That was another wonderful adventure! They are all wonderful, with so much love, happiness, and excitement! Great job Jaida, I wish I could have heard you play 👏🏻👏🏻, and Flat Stanley good luck with the drums!!! Thank you once again Colleen for putting smiles on our faces with another great adventure!!!🤗❤️😘

  2. I love your sweet comments Irene. As I share Flat Stanley’s daily adventures, it warms my heart to know that others are enjoying the smiles! Have a great day, and thank you.

  3. I can hear the fun all the way in Barbados! Thank you Flat Stanley, Nana, and Papa for rooting on Jaida in our absence! Loved this story! ❤️

    1. This was a fun one to write after an exciting night! Flat Stanley is having a blast with the family, and is really looking forward to seeing you and Uncle Don tomorrow! Enjoy the fishies in the deep blue sea!!

  4. Flat Stanley has music in his soul! He will make an amazing drummer! Kofi Baker style 😉 hehe Miss Jaida is amazing, as always; and so grown-up! Your loves are all so beautiful and talented! Flat Stanley cannot help but be just as wonderful! Thank you for more fun smiles and good times 💜

    1. Kofi Baker! Ohhh this is definitely one I need to find on YouTube for Jake. Papa was showing him Carmine Appice yesterday. We have a good one coming up! Jake brought Flat Stanley to band practice with him today!

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