Flat Stanley Celebrates Cinco De Mayo!

It was a very special day for Flat Stanley and Alexa’s big family.  They all gathered at a Mexican restaurant to spend Nana and Papa’s last day in Virginia together.

Alexa was happy to show everyone the Mexican Hat Dance she learned!

Flat Stanley was a little disappointed when they didn’t follow with the Macarena, his new favorite dance.

When a big basket of tortilla chips were brought over, this brought a big smile back to his face.  He found out how much he loves the Mexican Avocado dip!  The green goop kinda looked nasty, but he loved the creamy goodness called guacamole; and it’s a fun word to say.  He kept asking Alexa’s cousin Mary Grace to “please pass the GuacaMOLeeee!!”

After they filled up on tacos and burritos, it was time for more dancing!!

Alexa and Mary Grace looked beautiful while singing with the Mariachi band with their fancy hats!

Then, Flat Stanley spotted the bucking bronco.  You know he wanted to, you know he had to, you know he did!  He brought all of the kids along for a ride with him!

A fun time was had by all.  We hope that you enjoyed a happy Cinco De Mayo!

5 thoughts on “Flat Stanley Celebrates Cinco De Mayo!”

  1. Oh I absolutely loved all the pictures of all the kids and Flat Stanley on the bucking bronco!! That was great!! Just looking at them put the smiles on myself and my grand daughters!! Just what we needed on a gray rainy day!! Papa looked so proud with his two grand loves, and I can feel the happiness in your voice just by reading your words!! Thank you again Colleen for another great adventure!! Can’t wait for the next one ! Be safe on your trip back home😘🤗🤗

    1. Thanks Irene, saying goodbye to the grandloves was so hard! We created many great memories and I’m so happy that Flat Stanley’s Adventures will bring memories and smiles to everyone! Nana did have a spring in her step as I loved sharing Mexican food, guacamole and the fun of Cinco De Mayo with the family. Someday we’ll all be on the same street! A woman can dream…

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