Flat Stanley Arrives Back in Massachusetts

It was a really cool drive northbound for Flat Stanley!  As they drove from Virginia to Massachusetts, Nana kept pointing out the changes from fully leafed out trees, to return to the beginning signs of springtime like the fresh buds on the trees, yellow forsythia and daffodils.  As they pulled into the driveway, Nana’s smile grew wide as she noted that her favorite bright red tulips even waited for her to return, before dropping their red blossoms!

But Everyone in the car gasped when they saw the HOUSE!  Nana and Papa’s NEW House!!  The roof will be shingled tomorrow and all of the framing is complete!

“Stop the CAR!” Flat Stanley hollered.  When Nana stopped the car, Flat Stanley jumped out and asked the worker men if they needed any help.  They put Flat Stanley to work right away working on the porch framing.

“Oh this is a perfect porch for two rocking chairs,” Nana exclaimed as she walked around her new home that is quickly taking shape.

After a hard afternoon helping the guys frame the porch, Flat Stanley went inside with Briana.  Nana and Papa were missing all the kids here in Massachusetts too!  It’s so hard to be pulled.

“We all need to live on the same street!” Nana said once again.

Flat Stanley and Nana were both as amazed as Papa when Briana and Terri indulged in a taste of Papa’s pickled eggs! Yes, PICKLED EGGS!  Papa bought them in Virginia and tried to get all of the grandloves in Virginia to try one, but they wouldn’t.  But Briana DID!!  EWWW!!  haha.. she said they weren’t her favorite, and she wouldn’t have them again, but Nana was surprised that she tried them; and that she didn’t gag!

It made Nana and Papa and Auntie Terri laugh, and then Auntie Terri tried a taste!  I don’t think she’ll be doing that again either.  haha!  Papa gets to enjoy the rest of the jar all by himself!

He was smiling…

I hope this finds you smiling too!

9 thoughts on “Flat Stanley Arrives Back in Massachusetts”

    1. Pickled goodness to him, pickled nightmares to the rest of us. Tomorrow, he’s asked that I find peppers to add to the jar. Southern pickled eggs just didn’t have the punch he’s used to. With spice, Briana may enjoy them too!

  1. WOW ! Your new house is moving along quickly and it looks like it’s going to be a very lovely house! I’m happy to heat you all got back home safly but I’m sure your heart is torn, missing your loved ones in Virginia! But it’s always nice to come home sweet home, and I can see Flat Stanley had no problem from where he left off!! He he he he ! That was our smile for the day!! Another great adventure!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Thank you Colleen! We look forwards to his adventures every day!!! 😂😘💕💜 Pickled eggs and pickled pigs feet were my dads favorite treats!!!

    1. We were SHOCKED to see our new house!!! Two weeks and it is fully framed?! Shingles go up tomorrow!
      As for the pickled eggs, I’m with the grandloves; just not a fan. I love ham hocks in bean soup..but feet? I’m glad that brought warm memories of his love for crazy foods! <3 LOL I hear Jimmy Fallon saying EW!
      We're glad to be home safely and are happy to be home. Again, we just wish everyone we love lived on the same street!!!

  2. I’m truly happy for all the wonderful things happening in your lives! It makes adventure with Flat Stanley so exciting! Your tulips are awesome! “So beautiful!” Thankyou again for the many smiles!✌💙💚💜👍

    1. Never a dull moment! Flat Stanley keeps us busy! I’m glad you’re enjoying his silly ways. It was a lot of fun spending time in Virginia with our grandloves. They’ve become really attached to this little fella.

  3. Big smiles today! How excitng for you, and Flat Stanley, with all the progress on your new house! Amazing! And the tulips 😍 Flay Stanley loves his work time on the farm. So many different things to do! Happy Spring in Massachusetts 💞

    1. We’re so lucky to be enjoying two spring seasons this year! Flat Stanley definitely stays busy! Today isn’t a fun one so far. Papa is getting eye injections in Boston today. Poor fella…

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