Flat Stanley Goes to the Petting Zoo

Flat Stanley’s eyes were sparkling with excitement when Nana told him that we were taking him and Briana to the petting zoo.

“I don’t know what kind of animals will be at a petting zoo,” Flat Stanley said, “but I love all animals!  So this is going to be a fun day!”

We piled in the car and drove out of town to where the special petting zoo was being held by Klem’s in Spencer, MA.

*** If you’re local, check it out!  They’re there all weekend. ***

When we got out of the car, we were greeted with the smell of fresh hay and cotton candy!

“This is what I’m talking about!” Flat Stanley said as he smiled up at Nana.

Briana took Flat Stanley’s hand and they ran ahead of Nana and Papa to see the baby goats.  Oh she knows how badly Nana wants goats.

“I want screaming goats and fainting goats,” Nana said, as she and Papa caught up with them.  “When the screamers blat out their screams, the fainters faint like they’re playing dead!”

Flat Stanley and Briana decided they wanted to see that too!

There were food receptacles set up near every stall with the animal’s favorite treats.  They loved being fed.  Briana was a little skittish at first, but the goats showed her how it’s done.  They’re not shy!

Papa’s favorite was the baby emu.  She was so cute with her little feathers and long legs the same length as her neck!

“It looks like a walking squash,” Papa said.

“Imagine what they’ll look like when they’re fully grown.” Nana pondered to herself thinking of their long legs and neck rising much higher than her own.

Flat Stanley liked the Llamas, and as you can see, the llamas LOVED him!

Briana posed for a picture with the big Australian Cow.  It was tame and let Papa grab his horn.

Nana said she took this picture for Auntie Shana, Alexa’s mommy.  She said she was waiting for them to dance like the ones in Barbados!  But they were very still.  Flat Stanley thought they were two large rocks in the corner, until Nana pointed out their little legs protruding from under their tortoise shells.

The sheep were very hungry with their calls for food.

Can you make a sound like hungry sheep?

We kept returning to the Llama pen.  They were so friendly, and they loved being scratched and talked to.

Papa was having a nice little chat with Eliandra the Llama, when Flat Stanley came up to do a little photo shoot.  They all smiled for the camera, even Eliandra.  Can you see her smile?

Wait, here’s a close up.

Flat Stanley saw the ponies and wanted to ride!  Unfortunately, Briana said she didn’t want to, so we had to just watch the other kids.  After a bit, Flat Stanley agreed that going in a circle being held on to, was more for babies.

He wanted a lasso, and to be let loose in an arena. As he imagined this he accidentally shouted out “Giddy up and RIDE!” The toddlers on the ponies loved it! One boy raised an arm in the air playing along with him.

After a lot of fun with the animals, Briana was drawn to the smell of cotton candy.  Flat Stanley, Nana and Papa followed her to watch the man spin the sugar on a stick round and around, until it was bigger than her head!

Flat Stanley enjoyed the fun adventure and skipped to the car smiling.  I hope this finds you smiling too!  Enjoy a beautiful day and please subscribe so that Nana can send you a smile tomorrow!  Who doesn’t need smiles delivered every day?





6 thoughts on “Flat Stanley Goes to the Petting Zoo”

  1. What a fun day that must have been! And it looks like you made before the rain came! My daughter took the girls there today, I
    couldn’t go I had to work!!😢 Maybe next time! Not a dull moment with Flat Stanley!! I got my smile for today, and I thank you!! Thank you Colleen!😘🤗🤗🤗

    1. Well then they’ll enjoy this adventure when they read it later! I’m sorry you were unable to join them, but at least you could enjoy it vicariously; through Flat Stanley! Have a great weekend! Tomorrow, the weather should cooperate better.

  2. Ah, Flat Stanley never fails to provide big smiles! The petting zoo looked like so much fun! And the cotton candy! Yum! I’m with Nana on the screaming and fainting goats. Yes, please! 😍 Thanks for the fun and the smiles!

    1. We loved feeding all of the blatting cuties!! It was a fun day and the smiles stayed with me! I hope that they stay with you too! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend! <3

  3. I love sharing Flat Stanley’s adventures he always makes me smile thank you Colleen for always including Flat Stanley’s adventures he is always a bright spirit in an otherwise bland day!!! Please ask Flat Stanley to send me some cotton candy the next time you visit the petting zoo 😊❤️

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying this cutout cutie and his silly ways as much as I’m enjoying sharing them! I hadn’t had cotton candy in YEARS, but of course I stole a bite from Bri.. <3 memories came flooding in.

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