Happy Mother’s Day from Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley would like to wish all the mama’s, and those that care for the loves in their lives a big Happy Mother’s Day!

“Here’s a big cup of your favorite blueberry coffee with toast and pretty smelling lilac flowers that Briana picked for you!” Flat Stanley said with love in his voice and a bright smile on his face.

A big Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies out there with little loves in their care!

Auntie Terri came into the room singing “Happy Mother’s Day to youuuuu…” to Nana, and then Nana joined in, singing the same tune back to her.  “Happy Mother’s Day to Youuuuu…” they were singing and laughing together in the tune of the happy birthday song.

They made Flat Stanley smile as they hugged good wishes.

Nana was thinking about her own mom on this special day.

“Look at this picture of Nana as a little girl with my own mom,” Nana said.  Flat Stanley’s mouth opened wide.  It was hard to imagine Nana as a little girl in her mother’s arms.  But he recognized her smile right away.

Flat Stanley was happy when he heard Nana and Papa saying that we were all going out to lunch with GrandmaT, Auntie Terri and Briana!

When we pulled up to a bakery, Flat Stanley’s belly growled really loud and it made everyone in the car laugh!

We stepped inside the bakery and the smell of fresh cookies greeted you!  Yum!!  Nana let Flat Stanley know that he could pick out a treat, but first he had lunch to eat.  He and Briana both chose bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches.  It was stacked so high, Flat Stanley could hardly get his mouth to stretch that wide!  But he did.  He ate every bite and then had a pastry!  It was filled with his favorite lemon filling.

Flat Stanley offered to take our picture as we stepped out of the car to give Mother’s day hugs to GrandmaT.  He got pictures of all the ladies.  Flat Stanley and Briana were really enjoying this day to celebrate the ladies in their life.

When we got home, Briana set the camera up in Nana’s living room and sat her mom in Nana’s big easy chair.  Auntie Terri wasn’t feeling well, but she smiled really big when Briana surprised her with concert tickets to see one of her favorite musicians, Chris Brown; LIVE in July!

Auntie Terri was so happy and filled with love for her daughter that had worked so hard to save up every dollar earned for months, in an effort to give her mom a Happy Mother’s Day gift.

GrandmaT kept putting her rolled up newspaper over her face because she thought Flat Stanley was holding the camera too close.  Nana quickly moved the newspaper away from her face, and Flat Stanley caught her beautiful smile!

Everyone was smiling and feeling the love!  I hope this finds you smiling too and a BIG Happy Mother’s Day!  **Don’t forget to make plans to visit if you’re missing your mom or grandma, you know they’re missing you too!**





11 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day from Flat Stanley”

  1. Well that was the most delightful adventure yet! Not only was I reading it with my grand daughters but 😀my son was reading it with us! Anthony who works for the Spectrum Cable! He told me he was at GrabdmaTs house and did cable work! What a small world we live in! You have a beautiful family Colleen, and you have a heart of gold! You put a smile on our faces every day! And now I believe we have another interested reader if Flat Stanley’s adventures! Anthony smiled with us and said that was very cute!! HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY Colleen I hope you’re having a great day🤗🤗🤗😘🌺🌺💕💕🌸🌸

    1. This world is getting smaller by the day! It’s funny that Anthony remembered her. We had a beautiful Mother’s Day, thanks again for your kind words. I hope you enjoy your day with all of your loves celebrating you and your kind heart! 💓 Happy Mother’s Day Irene!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day! Flat Stanley is learning about the best love today! 💞 Thanks for the beautiful adventure, pictures, and, of course, the smiles! 💜

  3. Thanks for wishing me a Happy Mothers Day F.S. loved seeing all the family. Made me wish I could have benn with you!

  4. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama’s in Massachusetts that I haven’t yet sent wishes to. Love you all!!😊💕

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