Flat Stanley Rides the Storm Out

As Flat Stanley layed his head down to sleep.  His pillow needed a bit of fluffing up and Nana helped adjust his sheets just so.

“Ok, Flat Stanley, we’ll rise early tomorrow, so get a good night’s sleep.” Nana said after reading a bit.  “Nana’s making bullseye eggs for breakfast tomorrow.”

Flat Stanley smiled as Nana left the room, he likes when Nana cuts the hole in the center of the bread and breaks an egg inside.  She flips it so carefully, that the yolk stays whole and runny.  Then you use the circle of toast she grills in the pan to dip in the yolk.

Sleep didn’t come quickly for Flat Stanley.  He tossed and turned a bit and the rain was beating against his window.  Usually, this is a comforting sound and it puts him right to sleep, but tonight, his mind just kept wandering to far away places.

Of course he was thinking about his friends in Virginia and he smiled recalling the dolphin ride with Mermaid Alexa.  Dreams are such a wonderful thing.  He squeezed his eyes shut tight, trying to enter a really fun dream.

But then crash boom went the thunder, and lightning bolts lit up the sky outside of his bedroom window.  Flat Stanley sat straight up in bed and said.. “Nanahhhh,” but Nana had already gone downstairs and Flat Stanley knew he should be sleeping, so he placed the pillow over his head and tried to silence the thunder.

His mind then went to fourth of July celebrations.  You know when the sky lights up in vibrant colors of red, white and blue?  Flat Stanley pretended that the crack boom bam in the sky was fireworks.

He pictured himself with Alexa and her cousins.  They were sitting on a sandy beach in a circle around a BIG Firepit.  Each of them had a straightened coat hanger with a marshmallow on the end of the stick roasting and toasting as they turned the gooey goodness over the flames.

Flat Stanley accidentally caught his marshmallow on fire, and when he blew it out, it was as black as tar.  Flat Stanley slid the burned outer crust off and ate the yummy warm marshmallow inside.

His next marshmallow was perfectly brown like toast as he carefully kept the marshmallow above the flames.

BOOOOM!!!  Came another wicked thunder clap.  Flat Stanley held his pillow tightly over his head and pictured the beautiful fireworks in the sky with Alexa beside him.  Everyone clapped and cheered in excitement.

He took a deep breath and went back to his marshmallows.  He imagined Alexa handing him a graham cracker and piece of chocolate.  Flat Stanley snapped the graham cracker in half and then placed the piece of chocolate on one half of the graham cracker and then like a sandwich, he slid his perfectly toasted marshmallow off of the stick to complete his masterpiece S’more!

Want S’mores?  I do too now!

He imagined the creamy goodness as the storm seemed to settle down ouside and he found himself falling to sleep.

In the morning, Flat Stanley trotted downstairs to the smell of fresh eggs cooking.  BULLSEYES!!  yeah!!!  Flat Stanley was smiling, Nana was smiling too.  She knows that thunderstorms can sound very loud and she was proud of Flat Stanley for riding the storm out as he described how he did it.  I hope you’re smiling too and that when the next storm comes that you ride it out as bravely as Flat Stanley.

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5 thoughts on “Flat Stanley Rides the Storm Out”

  1. My father use to make us eggs like that in the middle of the bread every saturday morning, with fried hot dogs! We love them!! I love my marshmallows burnt on the outside and soft and warm on the inside!! I can relate to Flat Stanley being a bit scared of the thunder and lightening because I am a big baby when it comes to that sound especially if I am home alone at night! We loved this adventure Colleen, like my Alissa says, you put so much love into each adventure she’s staring to feel like part of Flat Stanley’s family!! Thank you for putting smiles on our faces!!😘🤗🤗❤️💕

    1. This cut out cutie has taken my heart by storm. I’m glad he’s capturing your hearts too! I smile as I write, picturing Alexa’s smiling face, as her mom reads her Flat Stanley’s Adventures with Nana and Papa in Massachusetts. I hear thunder in our area as I type this. I hope the thought of summer beach bbqs and thoughts of celebratory fireworks comforts you; and all who find the clashing atmosphere scary. {{{{Hugggs}}}} to you and your family.

      1. i hear them to 😱😱😱 my daughter and my grand daughters jumped two feet off the floor!!! they don’t like hearing that! have a great evening Colleen, I’ll see you on another adventure!!!

  2. Perfect story for tonight, Nana! We have a huge storm going on that Alexa was nervous about. Normally she sleeps in our room on nights like this… not tonight! She was able to work through it. Yay! Thank you Nana and Flat Stanley! ❤️

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