Flat Stanley and the Warrior Princess

Flat Stanley woke up later than usual today.  He picked the sleep out of corner of his eyes as he made his way to the kitchen table.

Papa made his famous scrambled eggs with extra butter.  When he was cracking the eggs,  there was one egg that had TWO yolks inside!  One was a small yolk. See the cute little yolk?

Nana poured Flat Stanley a glass of orange juice as he grabbed for a slice of bacon.  Breakfast was delicious today.

“I had the best dream last night!” Flat Announced as he ate his breakfast.

“Do tell!” Nana replied with a smile over the rim of her coffee cup.

“Well, remember the other night when we had those thunder rumbles claps and slams that felt like they were coming through our roof?”

“It was like that in my dream, but this time instead of thinking about fireworks and a beach bbqs, I was in a far away land where the sky was pink and everyone walking down the street had bright colored clothes.”

“I was brought to the front of the crowd and that’s when I saw her!  Alexa was dressed like a princess.” Flat Stanley said with a big smile.

“We were both escorted to a clearing and then crowned with special crowns of bravery.  They were golden crowns with red and blue gems that glistened in the bright mid day sun.”

“Our eyebrows raised in unison and our shoulders shrugged as we read each other minds, you can do things like that in dreams you know,” Flat Stanley continued.

Papa coughed, wondering if you have to be dreaming to know what others are thinking, because it seems Nana can always read his mind.  And just like that Nana raised an eyebrow at him, seeming to read his mind.

“As they placed the crowns on top of our heads,  the Warrior Chieftain came forward with his large headdress and said, “Flat Stanley and Alexa, the bravery award is given to you as you have learned to rise above your fears and find ways to gather your strength, and become the Warrior you were born to be!”

“It’s weird” Flat Stanley said, “because we really felt like warriors with strength inside.  The crowd was cheering and just like that I woke up; I woke up feeling very strong and I was smiling!”

“You make me smile, Mr. Warrior!” Nana said “I believe you do find your true strength through some scary or upsetting times in life.  It’s all these trials that make us the unique, strong and hopefully happy people that we are.”

I hope this finds you smiling too and that you find your own strength to overcome that which frightens you; my warrior friends.

7 thoughts on “Flat Stanley and the Warrior Princess”

  1. The timing of this adventure is just right. Thank you for the wonderful smiles and warrior strength. It’s much needed this week 💜 I’m off to find my warrior crown!

    1. I’m feeling your love sister..as I’m feeling the love from strength within. <3 These posts are not born in a vacuum. It did start in the need to support Alexa in her strength to survive the storm; and yet it reminded us all of our need to focus on our own inner strength!

  2. we absolutly loved this adventure, how well we all related to it in different ways! and it surely brought smiles it our faces! i told my grand daughters that gram gram found her warrior crown a long time ago and that’s why i’m still here today enjoying my precious girls! thank you Colleen, everyday your adventures of Flat Stanley brings smiles to our faces 😘🤗🌸💕🌺

    1. As we all need to”adjust our crowns” at different times. I will save your kind words and draw on them as Flat Stanley (and myself) as needed. <3 A good day and a good reminder of a loving life lesson.

  3. Such a sweet story! I haven’t been able to put Alexa to bed for the last couple of nights, so we just caught up on all of our stories! Thank you for our nightly smiles We love you!

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