A Fun Day for Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley ran outside to feed the chickens and saw the workermen out working on Nana and Papa’s new house.  He was so excited to see the new siding going up.  Flat Stanley told Nana that he was thinking the neighbors may think they chose that dark green color for their new home.  ICK!

Instead the beautiful new siding was shining!

Sylvester the siding guy was working really hard to get the siding up before the rains came.  Flat Stanley and Nana both really loved the creamy color!

As he rounded the house, Flat Stanley saw his favorite buddy working on pouring the concrete floor in Nana and Papa’s new garage.

“Corrrando!!!!” Flat Stanley hollered out toward the concrete guy.  “Look at you, you almost let me miss out on all of the fun!” Flat Stanley said.

“Oh, I’d never do that,” Corando replied.  “Get over here and let me help you run this big concrete machine that Nana can’t remember the name of.

“You got it Flat Stanley?  It’s a rockin’ machine, so hold on tight.”

Flat Stanley held on tight as the machine slid like a surfboard across the smooth concrete floor.

“Oyyy Corando!!” Flat Stanley shouted as he skidded to a halt.

Flat Stanley then looked at the freshly poured and smoothed out concrete and well…you know Flat Stanley.  You know he wanted to, you know he had to; you know he DID.

Flat Stanley left his mark on the concrete floor.

See his little footprints there.

He’s got little feet and makes every one smile, even the big workermen.

I hope this finds you smiling too!

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3 thoughts on “A Fun Day for Flat Stanley”

  1. I’m not sure but I think its is called a concrete compression machine!! It smooths out the cement God knows I’ve been to many jobs with my father fixing sidewalks!! He was a brick mason! Flat Stanley would have had a ball with him!!! Like Flat Stanley there was never a dull moment for anybody who knew him! I love how I can relate to his adventures, and I get to talk about my dad to my grand daughters who never met him! It brings a smile to my face every day! Thank you Colleen, they just keep getting better!🤗🤗🤗

  2. It was something compression! I think your daddy would be proud! I’ll ask tomorrow if we see him. Our granddaughter Alexa was worried about my coming through with a Flat Stanley post today. Nana and Papa had a rough day at the VA hospital in Boston today. I wasn’t sure I’d come through for her today…but we smiled when we learned new joys of VOICE Messenger via Facebook! Life is good and continues to get better! Enjoy your day!! <3

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