Flat Stanley on Memorial Day

Nana and Papa are taking Papa’s mom, GrandmaT to the cemetery today.  Flat Stanley helped Nana pick some nice flowers from the yard and make an arrangement to decorate Grandpa Henry’s grave.

It’s memorial day and he was a decorated war hero.

Memorial day is a day where we remember those that have gone before us.  Soldiers that fought for our country and are no longer with us, a day of rememberence.

Nana’s purple iris bloomed this weekend, it reminded her of her sister that left us way too early.  Being a kind of sad day of rememberence; Flat Stanley and Nana decided to share a link with you today that is a real true to life story about the Flat Stanley Project and how a third grade student and his class,  sent Flat Stanley to a soldier and how he survived Baghdad and many other trials with the soldier.

It’s really long and more for grownups… but today is kind of long and more for grown ups.  Unless you’re having a BBQ or you’re on vacation.  A lot of families do that on Memorial Day weekend.  However you spend your day, spend it safely and know within you that there’s that beautiful smile.

CLICK HERE For that beautiful story I was telling you about the soldier and Flat Stanley.

4 thoughts on “Flat Stanley on Memorial Day”

  1. I almost started to cry, with happy tears and sad tears, because today I remember my dad whom I love with all my heart and miss awful! However I know he wouldn’t want it any other way, for me to be happy and think happy thoughts on Memorial Day, it was one of his best holidays! He use to sell flower plants and veggies, on Grafton St. in Worcester, he made Memorial Day Cemetary boxes every year and people every where loved them! I guess that’s where my sister and I got our talent with floral designing! I work at my sisters flower shop Wayside Floral in Leicester!! But today is my grand daughter Alissa’s 16th birthday party , so want to the cemetery already, abd now it’s time to celebrate with my family her birthday!! This adventure covered all my emotional feelings, that ended up putting a great big smile on my face! Thank you sweet Colleen for making that happen with Flat Stanley!!!😘🤗💜💙🌺🌸

    1. Happy birthday to Alissa!!! Sweet Sixteen!! Priorities are important and you’re right, he would have wanted you to smile that beautiful smile!! Enjoy your day and keep smiling, as he must be smiling knowing he’s passed along such a wonderful skill to his girls. This was my first attempt at an arrangement…but I kinda cheated and reused the basket and foam from the mother’s day arrangement I received. The flowers in the garden are so beautiful this time of year that Flat Stanley and I found a treasure trove! 😋😊

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