Flat Stanley Explores Spring Flowers in Massachusetts

Flat Stanley awoke very early this morning.  He tossed and turned in his bed a bit, tried to get his pillow fluffed up just so, hoping to get back to sleep; but sleep wouldn’t come.

So, he trotted downstairs and poured a bowl of his favorite cereal, Cheerios! He likes the little circles and the crunchy chrunch as you munch.

After breakfast, Flat Stanley decided to go out and see what was going on in the yard.  There were no workermen working on Nana and Papa’s house, so he strolled out back.  He was surprised to see how many plants that were just bushes yesterday, had beautiful flowers blooming.

The hotter days really do sprout pretty flowers, he was thinking as he took a selfie with a few of them.

The rhododendron stands nearly as tall as the old farmhouse.  It’s covered in pretty purple blossoms that had yet to open, but there were a few starting to sprout their beauty.

The dogwood is one of Grandma Teresa’s favorite flowers.  Whenever Nana and Papa go for a ride in the car, she points them out and admires their beauty.  The Dogwood Tree is the state tree of Virginia…or is it the state flower?  Maybe someone in Virginia will tell Flat Stanley in the comments below.

Nana loves her pretty pink lilacs!  This bush is huge too, but you can’t stay close to it for too long.  The bees really like it and they need a safe place to buzz around.  So Flat Stanley left them to gather their nectar and do the pollination thing they do so well to help grow a lot of the food we eat.  They don’t call them worker bees for nothing, we really rely on them.

When Flat Stanley got near the chicken coop, they were very loud this morning.  They were squawking for extra treats!  So Flat Stanley ran into the barn and grabbed a few handfuls of treats.  Did you know that chickens like to eat grit?  It’s like gravel and it helps their food digest through their gullet.  They like to eat hard oyster shells that are crushed into small pieces too.

The chickens were happy to have Flat Stanley bring them extra treats today.

Flat Stanley walked back to the house and Nana was outside.  She was pulling weeds and admiring the Iris that bloomed this week.

“Oh there you are Flat Stanley,” Nana said with a smile as he trotted up.  Look at how pretty this Iris looks today!  Did you know this was my sister Valerie’s favorite flower?  I planted them all in a row here beside my porch the year she died.  I think of her and her beautiful soul when they bloom.

Nana’s smile was shadowed a bit…she seemed happy and sad at the same time.  But when she leaned down to smell the flower, it was all smiles.

I hope this finds you smiling too, hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight.  Our world needs more hugs, and of course smiles!  Please subscribe and Nana will send you an email whenever a new Flat Stanley adventure is posted.

8 thoughts on “Flat Stanley Explores Spring Flowers in Massachusetts”

  1. What a beautiful garden you have Colleen! Flat Stanley must have been so excited to see all the pretty colors! My Irises are all blooming too, purple, light purple, white and yellow, I wish I had one the same color as the one in your yard! So pretty! It was one of those days to take a walk around the yard for me as well, to see what was going on in my gardens too!! Flat Stanley, we’re on the same page 👍🏻 Thank Colleen for another great adventure, and for another day with a smile on my face!!🤗🤗🤗

    1. Thank you. It is so beautiful this time of year! My purple iris’ haven’t opened yet, but they probably will tomorrow…the buds are bursting!! I’m glad that Flat Stanley found you smiling once again! 🤗

    1. Yeah, I felt the feels while writing this one. Hits me every year when the Iris’ come into full bloom. I’m going to plant more on the west side of the new house. 😍 It would be nice to plant them with you and Briana.

  2. Hi Nana! Please tell Flat Stanley that the dogwood is both the state flower and tree of Virginia!

    Love you!

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