Flat Stanley Enjoys Shopping with Great Grandma!

When Nana told Flat Stanley she was going to lunch with Grandma Great, Flat Stanley immediately jumped up and began putting his shoes on.

“I want to go too,” he said.

“Well then tie those laces up tight and let’s get!” Nana replied.

Nana and Papa were up in front.  Flat Stanley sat next to Auntie Elaine in the backseat and when Grandma Great got in, he scooted to the middle to make room.

The restaurant was really good!  Flat Stanley loved his macaroni and cheese.  I’m sure it’s as good as the one that Auntie Terri made last week, but Briana forgot to bring some over for Nana to try.  She’s been teasing her all week about it.  Nana likes macaroni and cheese as much as Flat Stanley does!

Auntie Elaine let Flat Stanley try a bite of her steak.  It was delicious! 

After a wonderful lunch, it was time for some shopping!

In front of the grocery store there were a lot of beautiful flowers for sale.  Flat Stanley climbed up into the hanging basket and when Nana walked by with Grandma Great he was swinging and singing.

“Magical flowers await you here, magical flowers will greet you there.  Come  buy one, come buy all, magical flowers await you all.”

Nana shook her head and helped Flat Stanley down out of the hanging basket of flowers.

When they got in the store Flat Stanley spotted  his little cart and zoomed up next to Grandma Great.

“Not so fast there Flat Stanley,” Grandma Great said, “I may be older, but I’ll still outshop you!”

Flat Stanley liked moving ahead and helping her shop as they went through the store.  His eyes could see the sodium content on the labels.  She watches how much salt she eats, that’s why she’s so healthy.

When Flat Stanley saw the Cheerios he grabbed one for his own cart!  You know how Flat Stanley loves the crunchy munch of Cheerios!

…and the crunchy munch of pickles are good too.

Sometimes you feel like a nut, and sometimes you don’t.  Flat Stanley likes the crunchy nutty peanut butter, but Papa likes the creamy smooth one.  Which one do you like?

Flat Stanley couldn’t contain himself when he saw the red and blue stars on the cookies!  He jumped up and said “please, please please Nana.”

It was hard to resist his cute face, but Nana didn’t buy the cookies.  But, she told him he could get something from the gumball machine on his way out.

Flat Stanley had some choices to make then!  There were a lot of gumball machines.

Flat Stanley went for the stretchy Fling Shot toy and had a big smile as they left the store.  I hope this finds you smiling too!  Please subscribe so Nana can send you a free smile every day!

2 thoughts on “Flat Stanley Enjoys Shopping with Great Grandma!”

  1. So cute! Loved it! My favorite peanut butter is crunchy! Love Love Love it! But niw that I’m older I try to limit myself! It’s pretty hard to stay semi in shape when you get older, but I do the best I can!! I excersie to Richard Simmons every day it’s call sweating to the oldies! 😂 Hey at least I have fun!!! Then three times a week I hop on my tread mill for 30 min. ! It’s not easy but when I go to the market do I wish I had Flat Stanley to help me out, but when my grand daughters are not in school they read every little ingredient on the label and at least 8 out of 10 items i pick out fir myself are back on the shelf😳😳! No Gram Gram you can’t have that or this or…..and I just stand there and tell myself, oh well it’s better then having high sugar count like I did last year! I made sure I got it back down to normal!! But any ways enough of me, and we thank you Colleen for the smiles you left for us on yet another great adventure with Flat Stanley 😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️

  2. Crunchy is best! The visual of your Richard Simmons “sweating to the oldies” video had me laughing. Flat Stanley needs an exercise adventure soon! 😆 Thank you for your kind words…and the giggles.

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