Flat Stanley Finds a Kennel

Flat Stanley sat in his favorite cup holder as he was riding down a country road in Massachusetts with Nana and Papa.  Flat Stanley spotted the dogs on the hillside.  There had to be 100 dogs on that hill.

Nana pulled the car over at Flat Stanley’s request and got out to visit with the dogs.  They all came running to the fence and barking their loud barks.  They were beautiful and had fur in every color, some were really white, some really dark and some had spots and some did not.

“Hey Doggie Doggie, Here Doggie Doggie,” Flat Stanley shouted.

The dogs came charging down the hillside.  Thankfully, there was a fence or Nana and Flat Stanley may have gotten themselves into trouble.  The barking was loud and somewhat scary.  There were so many of them!

“I know if I could get in there with some nice doggie bones and treats, that they’d be happy dogs and wouldn’t bark at me,” Flat Stanley said.

They were really barking.  Nana and Flat Stanley quickly got back into the car.  That fence didn’t look very high and these dogs were big and very loud.

Flat Stanley came home to the chickens and instead of grabbing doggie bones and treats, he grabbed chicken food and treats.  He helped Nana clean the coop out today.  If chicken beaks could smile, the chickens would be smiling.  I hope this finds you smiling too.  Thanks for subscribing so that Nana can send you an email whenever a new Flat Stanley Adventure is posted.

3 thoughts on “Flat Stanley Finds a Kennel”

  1. That was a little frightening!! I am personally afraid of a lot of dogs, when I was a little kid I was caught in the middle of a pretty bad dog fight on summer day when I was out playing! I still get a tad nervous around a lot of dogs to this day, but I do love my little dog Cookie! And We did love this fantastic adventure with flat stanley! The scenery where the dogs were was breath taking, it must have been a kennel! I’m sure Flat Stanley was happy to be home again with his chickens! Lots of smiles today Colleen, We loved reading this one 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤗🤗😘😘

  2. It was a crazy thing to do, but you know how hard it is for me to tell this cutout cutie “no!” He talked me into it. You’ll notice that Papa stayed in the car though.. lol

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