Flat Stanley Enjoys a Father’s Day Celebration with Papa

Flat Stanley was a happy boy today.  We had another BBQ party for Father’s Day!  Papa was smiling most of the day as the phone kept ringing and he got to hear from all the kids.

After Nana and Papa got back from taking Grandma Great to the cemetery and enjoying a nice lunch, Flat Stanley got to show Papa his cooking skills.  Flat Stanley stayed home this morning to help Auntie Terri and Dana prepare for the BBQ.

As Auntie Terri washed the greens, Dana showed Flat Stanley how to shuck corn.  Before long, it was time to fire up the grill!

The meat was placed on the grill and Dana let Flat Stanley slather on the BBQ sauce.  He only licked his fingers twice.  It’s hard not to lick your fingers when you’re grilling with BBQ sauce.

It was really hot near the grill today.  Flat Stanley was so happy to see the kids come over, and he ran to get his trunks on so he could play in the swimming pool with them.

Nana came out with her primal screechy scream yelling, “Oh it’s time for DInnnnnnnnnnaaaaahhhhh,” Everybody enjoyed Dana’s cooking.  BBQ’s always bring out the fun.

After we all filled up on the sweet corn, greens, burgers, hot dogs, shrimp and pork, it was time for dessert.

Nana came out with a box of cookies!  Yummy cookies!

Blain looked up at Nana and said, “you know you can never eat just one.”

Nana agreed and went for a blue ribbon cookie herself.

Flat Stanley liked the little balls covered in powdered sugar and it showed!  His mouth was covered in the white powder!

It was such a hot day we had to give a lot of extra water to the chickens to keep them cool.  Flat Stanley brought all the kids over to show them how to give them the treats and water.

While they were feeding the chickens they heard the magical sound that made Nana RUN down the driveway hollering for the kids to hurry hurry and get to the street to stop the Ice Cream Truck!

A ding and a ling and woooppedy doo dooo…we like ice cream, do you?

The ice cream truck stopped at the end of the drive and all of the kids listened to the ice cream truck music clanging as it drove up to us.

There were so many options, Flat Stanley didn’t know what to choose!

His friend named Promise helped him out by selecting the Hello Kitty ice cream bar.

Nana chose the pineapple one.  She was so surprised to get ice cream from an ice cream truck on OUR street!  This hasn’t happened since Nana was a little girl.

She was smiling so wide!  You know who else was smiling?

Papa!  He was really enjoying the nice celebrations for caring Dad’s and Papa’s like himself and Dana!

I hope this finds you smiling too!  Enjoy a wonderful Father’s Day!


5 thoughts on “Flat Stanley Enjoys a Father’s Day Celebration with Papa”

  1. lots of smiles today Colleen! There’s always excitement going on for Flat Stanley and his wonderful family!! We also had a wonderful day today! My son anthony invited all of to his house on Coburn Ave. for a BBQ celebrate father’s day with his dad, and his sister and her husband Emilee and Alissa, and a few others, we had a great time too, but the smiles came for me and the girls as we rocked back and fourth on the hammock reading Flat stanley’s adventure!! The only thing different there was no ice cream truck, so we all took a walk across the bridge with the sails that light up at night to shrewsbury and got a froyo! did you ever hear of a froyo!! it was such a warm beautiful night I could have walked forever !! Thank you Colleen for another great adventure ! We love them all😘😘💕💕🤗🤗

  2. Froyo, noyo, haven’t heard of a froyo! But I’m going to look for it .. frozen yogurt place next to card shop there in Shrewsbury shopping center by Jimmy’s? I love the pic in my head of you and the girls laughing in the hammock. I took the story out to read to Promise, her eyes are so expressive and she really loved having her name in a story. Then I shot it off to Alexa to read before bedtime in Virginia. <3 The best of times...

  3. Froyo is frozen yogurt served by a robot. I like it but ice cream truck is even better!! Looks like a great party .. sorry I missed it. Hugs to all.

  4. yes Shauna you’re right it’s frizen yogurt you get to make your own it’s actually very good! but i agree the ice cream truck is better but none come around my sons neighbor hood😢

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