Nana and Papa Take Flat Stanley on a Getaway

It was a rough week for Nana, Papa and the family.  Flat Stanley tried to cheer everyone up, but sometimes, pain runs too deep for smiles.

Finally, Flat Stanley brought smiles back to the family!

Nana decided it was a good time for a little getaway. Sometimes we all need a break from the day to day routine.

Nana made reservations across the state and loaded the luggage, Papa and Flat Stanley into the car for a weekend getaway.

About halfway  across the state of Massachusetts, the driver’s side windshield wiper cracked and began to slap with each stroke like a snake.

Flat Stanley began singing..

“Now watch me whip whip
Watch me nae nae (want me do it?)…”

Nana pulled over into the Walmart parking lot and around to the auto garage area.  She went inside and talked to the nice lady at the cash register about the problem.

“Oh, this isn’t a problem at all,” she promised. “Just sit here and we’ll take care of it for you.”

Flat Stanley sat beside Nana, but after a few minutes, he got kinda bored.

Flat Stanley decided to go check out the garage.

The garage was noisy with large air compressors to blow up a flat tire and oh the tires, there was an entire room of tires!  Flat Stanley loves playing on tires in the playground.  He loves the tire rope swing, but even climbing on still stacks of tires is not as boring as sitting in a waiting room.

Michael the mechanic was a little upset when he came back into the garage and found Flat Stanley’s feet flying through the center of the mountain of tires.

He didn’t get too mad though.  He decided Flat Stanley needed a lesson on how to change a wiper blade, so Flat Stanley stayed to help Michael put new windshield wipers on the car.

This little getaway would be much safer now!  As Flat Stanley was sitting in his favorite cup holder for the remainder of the trip, Nana was smiling and commenting on what a nice job Flat Stanley did putting the new windshield wipers on the car.  I hope this finds you smiling too!



2 thoughts on “Nana and Papa Take Flat Stanley on a Getaway”

  1. 🤗🤗🤗 I’m glad you and Dennis are able to get away! Flat Stanley always ads to the smiles! Thank you Colleen for bringing back the smiles for megan’s my grand daughters! I hope that time will heal your broken hearts🙏🏻😘💙

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