Flat Stanley Flies High

Flat Stanley was asking about the ski lift on the resort where Nana and Papa were staying.

Nana explained that it’s summertime, but in the winter, when there’s snow covering the ground up here on the mountain; that skiers fly down the mountains.

The ski lift has bench seats on a heavy wire that runs up and down the mountain.  The lift carries skiers to the top of the mountain, they are let off at the top and the ski to the bottom.

“When it’s summertime, you ride the lift for the view,” Nana explained.

“I want to go!” Flat Stanley exclaimed with that high pitched excitement in his voice.

Nana loves high places and Papa, well he breathes deep and plays along like he likes it.  Do you like when you’re in really high places looking down?

Flat Stanley decided he’d find out if he liked it.

We all climbed aboard the bench seat that would take us for a ride to the top of the mountain.

We started out low and slow on this cloudy day.

It didn’t take long before the lift carried us to the top of the mountain up in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.  We stayed on board and let it carry us back down.  The view was amazing.  Flat Stanley held on tight and giggled a lot.  Papa breathed in big sighs, I’m not sure if he was really enjoying this.

But Nana!  She was pointing and shouting “look you can see the lake over there in the next town from up here!” “Look at those farm animals, the cows look like speckled frogs from up here!”  It was amazing and Nana was loving the thrill!

As they reached the bottom of the lift and stepped off, Papa’s feet got up under him and he swayed a bit, but he caught his balance and nodded.  He’s a trooper.  Flat Stanley held his hand to steady him as they walked back to the car.

Flat Stanley was ready to ride again!!  His smile was so big.  I hope this finds you smiling too.  Enjoy your day!

4 thoughts on “Flat Stanley Flies High”

  1. What a beautiful view! You’re a very brave young lady! I fear high places like you couldn’t imagine!! I would have been holding on so tight they would have had to pry my hands off the handle! 😂 It looks like a beautiful place to go, to get away ,and it looks like Flat Stanley enjoyed himself as well ! Very peaceful adventure and it brought a smile to our faces! Thank you Colleen for another great adventure!😘🤗🌸💝💝

    1. Ohhh I do love the thrills of chills! Our hearts were beating fast and yeah.. a few white knuckles on Dennis, but again, he’s a trooper. LOL .. Flat Stanley wanted to go again immediately after getting off the lift! (me too if I’m honest about it).. haha.. thanks for your kind words once again Irene. You make this project fun with your little missive notes.

  2. Gorgeous view from up in the Berkshires! What a wonderful adventure! And to have warriors like Papa and Flat Stanley along for the ride, priceless! Especially love that Nana was having such a good time, too! Big smiles for me today! Thanks to Nana and Flat Stanley. 😘

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