Flat Stanley Celebrates Briana’s Birthday!

July 1st has come in hot as a tater tot straight out of the oven!

New Englander’s aren’t used to this kind of heat!

“This feels like Texas!” Auntie Terri declared.

But it’s a day for BBQ and water sports, so let the fun begin!

Happy Birthday Briana!!

Slipping and a sliding Flat Stanley got a nice running jump and flung himself like a cherry from a slingshot straight across the slippery slip and slide!

“Weeeeeeee!!!” The water sprayed in his ear so he had to shake his head to let it come out.  Do you ever get water in your ears?  It’s not a fun feeling, but it shook out fast and he was back up and ready to slide again!

Briana’s friend Shay had her style down flying in like a goose on the loose.

“Swishhhhh and sliiiiiiide” Shay cried as she flew across the slippery plastic.

“Hot days are the best of days for getting soaked!”

This was a fun birthday party!  Flat Stanley liked his light up rings and fancy glow in the dark bling in the party bags.  He helped Nana pick out the funnest stuff and the kids were having a blast.

All that running, slipping and sliding made them hungry!

Nana came out with a platter of watermelon and cantaloupe and the juice dripped down Flat Stanley’s chin, but he enjoyed every bite.

The BBQ started smelling really good as his belly began to rumble and tumble.

Flat Stanley went over to the grill and helped Uncle Dana, the Grill Master in Chief!  Flat Stanley was a good assistant and was very careful not the let the flames get out of control.

It was a hot, but very fun day for a birthday!

Happy Birthday Briana!!

3 thoughts on “Flat Stanley Celebrates Briana’s Birthday!”

  1. Happy Birthday Briana!!🎈🎈🎈 Looks like a fun day today for Flat Stanley!! I’m so happy every body had fun! For me it was way too hot to be outside today! So we just chilled in the house where it was ice cold from the ac!! Smiles for every body today!!! Thank Colleen for making that possible on such a hot day! When it starts to cool off a tad my son Anthony , myself and his precious little dog cookie will take a nice long walk! He lives on Coburn Ave near Lake Ave. we will take a walk around the neighborhood, and stop along the way to sit near the Lake!!! Thank you Colleen for our smiles and another fun adventure with Flat Stanley!!!😘😘😘💕💕💕🌸🌸🤗🤗

  2. Happy Birthday, Briana! How fun to be born on the 1st of July! Happy Summer!! Hugs to all, Aunt Ginger

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIANA! Wish we were able to be at your party. Just know that we’re thinking about you and love you very much!

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