Flat Stanley Finds a Portal

Flat Stanley was out in the yard again today.  He loves springtime and all of the beautiful flowers.  More flowers were blooming all over the yard, it was so pretty.  He walked up the long driveway, kicking up gravel as he stepped.

He cut across the front lawn toward the rock wall by the street that is lined with gigantic maple trees.

The tallest maple tree looked like it would be fun to climb.  Flat Stanley began placing his feet in the deep crevices of the bark and made his way up higher and higher.

When he got up as high as the telephone poles, he had reached large holes in the tree.

Flat Stanley looked inside thinking that maybe there would be a bird’s nest in there, but when he got really close, there was a swooshing sound and a vibration that pulled him in.  He felt a spinning sensation and closed his eyes for a second.

When he opened them again, he was in a magical land of gnomes.  He felt like a giant as he circled around a mushroom and watched the friendly gnomes sing and dance in the distance.

Flat Stanley walked up to them with his usual big smile on his face.  His feet started moving to the beat and the gnomes welcomed him into their circle.  Flat Stanley picked up on the chorus and joined in.

“We dance, we dance, circling around we dance.  Come fly over the rainbow of love as we dance, we dance, circling around we dance.”

Flat Stanley let his legs fly high and clapped under his knees just like the gnomes.  Their laughs were really high and cute.  Flat Stanley was having fun.

At the end of the song, a rainbow arched down and like a bridge all of the gnomes began to walk up the lines of green, red, yellow and blue.  Flat Stanley joined in the line and when he reached the top of the rainbow, Swoooosh!

Flat Stanley was swooshed back to the tree in Nana and Papa’s yard.

“Wow!  That was fun!”  Flat Stanley exclaimed as he ran back across the yard and up the driveway.  He has a great imagination.  His smile was wide and eyes were bright as he went inside for lunch.

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Flat Stanley in the Virginia Rain

April showers bring May flowers.  Unfortunately, the rain was not making Flat Stanley happy.

Nana tried to cheer him by commenting on the beautiful reflections, and Papa spoke of the surreal poem he is going to write about barren trees.

This made Flat Stanley’s mind begin to wander. As he sat out on the back porch, his imagination sprouted wings and carried him into the mysterious forest across the lake.

Flat Stanley wasn’t afraid, and his mood began to lighten up.  He heard the sweet sounds of birds chirping, and tried to mimic them with sweet shrills of his own.

He sat down on a moss covered rock, beneath the tallest tree.  The tree worked as an umbrella, where he sat sheltered from the misty rain.

Two young deer softly trotted up beside him.  They seemed friendly, but the larger of the two young deer was gently, but very purposefully, using his nose to nudge Flat Stanley from the rock where he sat.

Flat Stanley stood up and watched as the deer used the same big rock as a stepping stone!  He reached his head up and grabbed the largest branch in his teeth, and began shaking it until the berries fell to the ground.

Flat Stanley watched quietly as the two deer rummaged for the berries now scattered on the forest floor.

It made him wonder if deer get moss stuck in their teeth.

After the deer were full on berries, they trotted off leaving Flat Stanley with a great memory.

Memory is a marvelous thing.  As he sat back down on the mossy rock he thought back to his earliest memories, people he’s met in his many travels, school friends and some great teachers he’s had, and also memories of family no longer with us.

It’s our magical memories that can turn a sad dreary day into a happy one.  Memories of happy times help us bring all of that laughter and joy into our current situation to make you smile.

Can you think of a memory where you were laughing? Take a moment and really think about someone or something that made you laugh.

I’ll bet that memory made you smile now.

The birds that were chirping high above, in the branches, came flittering down to eat the leftover pieces of berries that the deer left behind.

This left Flat Stanley smiling as he looked up and found himself on the back porch at Auntie Elaine and Uncle Jimmy’s house.

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