Flat Stanley Pumps Gas!

Flat Stanley and Nana entered the shopping center and Nana noticed her gas tank was getting low.

“Tomorrow we go to Boston, so we’d better gas up a bit here Flat Stanley,” Nana stated as she pulled up to the pump.

“I’ll help you Nana,” Flat Stanley said as he unstrapped his seatbelt and jumped out to help.

Flat Stanley was a big help and topped the tank off nicely.

“Can I clean your windows for you ma’am?” Flat Stanley chided in a joking way, but Nana took him up on the task and let him wash her windshield.

Flat Stanley dunked the squeegee sponge into the soapy water and washed all of the spring bugs that didn’t move out of Nana’s way, off of the windshield.  There were a lot of bugs!  When it was shiny clean, Flat Stanley got back in the car and they were off for more errands.

They picked up Papa’s mom, yes; Grandma T was treating us all to lunch today for an anniversary treat!  What a beautiful day.

This was followed by more card stores and shopping and then more shopping.  Flat Stanley loves how spry and lively Grandma T can hop and shuffle through the isles.

Flat Stanley didn’t have to hop and shuffle.  He found a driving cart and hopped on it!

Flat Stanley is quite the driver.  He was zoom zoom zooming around the store.

Flat Stanley got really excited in the bakery section.  He rode ahead and hid in the cupcakes.  When Nana walked past he did this “PPPSSSTTTTTTT…psssst.. hey… you know you want it…” sing song that made Nana laugh, but she shook her head and said no.

“But they have SPRINKLES!” Flat Stanley continued.

Nana really really wanted to, but she is trying to eat less sweets, so although she wanted to, although she had to, she didn’t.  She stayed strong.

Instead, she found the fruits and veggies and stocked up on fresh strawberries.  These are Papa’s favorite, so she smiled as she put them in her cart for him.

Flat Stanley loved the brightly colored sweet bell peppers and Nana was quick to say “YES!” to these.

When they entered the dairy section, Grandma T found some jalapeno cheese sticks and snuck them in her basket for Nana and Papa.  She knows how they love spicy treats.  It was very nice of her, and although Nana saw her do it and KNEW who they were for, she didn’t stop her, she just smiled a big smile as she raised her eyebrows in welcomed surprise.

Nana put a carton of what looked like milk in the cart, but when Flat Stanley looked closer he saw it said Almond Milk.

“How do they milk an almond,” Flat Stanley asked Nana.  She just laughed and laughed.  It’s been a great week of laughter for Nana.

I hope this finds you smiling too!  How do they milk an almond? .. still giggling.

Enjoy your day!!





Flat Stanley and The Magical Mermaid

Once again Flat Stanley awoke from a wonderful dream.  Upon rising, he immediately wanted to go back into the depths of the ocean with his bestie Alexa who had transformed into a mermaid, a magical mermaid.

The dream began with Flat Stanley fishing from the rock jetty that extended from the sandy shore in Virginia Beach, out past the waves, like a rocky pier.

He thought something was biting on his line, but each time he reeled his line in, the fish got away.

Flat Stanley was just about to pack up his fishing supplies to leave, when out of the depths of the deep blue sea rises Alexa’s smiling face!

“Hi Flat Stanley!” she said, “would you like to come swimming with me?”

Flat Stanley had been swimming in a swimming pool, but never in the deep ocean.  He was excited about the idea, but still a bit fearful.

As he was thinking about it, Alexa floated towards him, flapping an enormous and colorful mermaid tail behind her.

As she approached Flat Stanley, he was beginning to climb down the large rocks, approaching Alexa in the water.

Alexa let out a piercing whistle and a dolphin magically appeared.

“Deanna, will you please let Flat Stanley ride on your back?” Alexa asked her dolphin friend.

When Deanna the Dolphin agreed, Alexa explained to Flat Stanley that dolphins are mammals that breathe air like humans and magical mermaids, so he’ll be safe.

The next thing Flat Stanley knew, Alexa was flapping her big wide tail, swimming out past the waves as he held on tight to Deanna’s fin.

When they swam above the coral reef, Alexa told Flat Stanley to take a deep breath, hold it in, and relax.

Flat Stanley took a really deep breath and held it tight as Alexa led Deanna and Flat Stanley down to see the sea creatures swimming amongst the live colorful coral in vibrant pink, turquoise and purple.

Alexa’s mermaid tail had many of the same colors and she could blend in with the coral, she smiled and little bubbles escaped from her lips.

Seahorses floated and seemed to dance as they moved around Flat Stanley.  He reached out to touch one that got really close, and was surprised when it’s tail rested on his fingertips and felt like a slippery fish with gritty sandpapaper like spots.

Flat Stanley’s smile also let bubbles out when he looked up at his magical mermaid friend Alexa, who was letting a starfish slither up the back of her hand.

It was time for air.  Deanna the dolphin arched her back, giving Flat Stanley the signal to hold on tight and he held her fin as they sprang through the water aiming for the surface.

Alexa waved at Flat Stanley as she swam past him and then slowed to let Deanna and Flat Stanley catch up and pass her.  They all enjoyed this cat and mouse race towards the surface where the blue skies above were coming into view.

As Flat Stanley broke through the surface he took a big gulping breath of much needed oxygen and opened his eyes to find himself in his bed at home; smiling.

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