Flat Stanley in the Virginia Rain

April showers bring May flowers.  Unfortunately, the rain was not making Flat Stanley happy.

Nana tried to cheer him by commenting on the beautiful reflections, and Papa spoke of the surreal poem he is going to write about barren trees.

This made Flat Stanley’s mind begin to wander. As he sat out on the back porch, his imagination sprouted wings and carried him into the mysterious forest across the lake.

Flat Stanley wasn’t afraid, and his mood began to lighten up.  He heard the sweet sounds of birds chirping, and tried to mimic them with sweet shrills of his own.

He sat down on a moss covered rock, beneath the tallest tree.  The tree worked as an umbrella, where he sat sheltered from the misty rain.

Two young deer softly trotted up beside him.  They seemed friendly, but the larger of the two young deer was gently, but very purposefully, using his nose to nudge Flat Stanley from the rock where he sat.

Flat Stanley stood up and watched as the deer used the same big rock as a stepping stone!  He reached his head up and grabbed the largest branch in his teeth, and began shaking it until the berries fell to the ground.

Flat Stanley watched quietly as the two deer rummaged for the berries now scattered on the forest floor.

It made him wonder if deer get moss stuck in their teeth.

After the deer were full on berries, they trotted off leaving Flat Stanley with a great memory.

Memory is a marvelous thing.  As he sat back down on the mossy rock he thought back to his earliest memories, people he’s met in his many travels, school friends and some great teachers he’s had, and also memories of family no longer with us.

It’s our magical memories that can turn a sad dreary day into a happy one.  Memories of happy times help us bring all of that laughter and joy into our current situation to make you smile.

Can you think of a memory where you were laughing? Take a moment and really think about someone or something that made you laugh.

I’ll bet that memory made you smile now.

The birds that were chirping high above, in the branches, came flittering down to eat the leftover pieces of berries that the deer left behind.

This left Flat Stanley smiling as he looked up and found himself on the back porch at Auntie Elaine and Uncle Jimmy’s house.

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Flat Stanley and the Chickens

Nana and Papa slept in later than normal this morning.  Flat Stanley got up early and went out to check on the chickens.  They’ve been doing fairly well with all of the big construction trucks and earth moving around their coop.  Flat Stanley wanted to give them some special treats and top off their water, but while doing so, he noticed smells coming from the coop, and they were pretty bad.

When Nana got up, Flat Stanley asked if he could let the chickens run free so that he could clean the coop for her.  Well this was music to Nana’s ears!

“Yes, Flat Stanley, I think the chickens will enjoy roaming free today.” I replied.  I went to bed with music ringing in my ears from a concert and now I wake up to the sweet sound of kindness? Life is good!

The chickens enjoy the special hay that Nana puts in the chicken’s nesting boxes.  It’s softer for them to snuggle in and lay their eggs.  The stuff on the ground level of the coop is more scratchy; but that’s what they do most of the time, scratch the ground looking for bugs and treats.

Today the chickens were roaming free and decided to dig in under a bush for a nice dust bath.  Did you know chicken’s bathe in dirt?  They fluff up their feathers and the dust takes any mites away.  It’s nature’s way…

When Nana came out to check on things, one chicken tried untying her shoelace!  Her name is Cagney, you can tell by her very red mane around her neck area.

After cleaning the coop, Flat Stanley decided to go ROCK CLIMBING!

The rocks are really stacking up from the big crater they’re digging for Nana and Papa’s new house!  Flat Stanley ever so carefully climbed to the VERY top and sang to the chickens running around below him.

“I’m on the top of the world, looking down on creation, and the only explaination, I can find…”

On his walk through the woods behind the house, Flat Stanley found more signs of spring returning to Massachusetts!  When he brought one of these pretty flowers to Nana, she told him they were purple periwinkles, and she winked at him.

He winked back with his two eyed wink, he hasn’t mastered the wink with just one eye thingy, but he tries.

Can you wink with just one eye?

Nana just winked back at you!

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