Flat Stanley Goes to Fairy Land

It was a magical morning for Flat Stanley…

He was looking through a small hole, as if in a little bird house.  Looking out, he could see Alexa there!  She had a paintbrush in her hand.  It was a fairly broad wide brush and she was painting the base board brown.  Flat Stanley could hear a lot of people in the room, they were laughing and listening to what sounded like an instructor giving lessons, ideas and direction.

Through the small hole Flat Stanley could see Alexa was very serious about the task at hand.  As she was picking out her seashells and putting them ever so carefully in place, Flat Stanley heard the magic words…Fairy Garden!

“When you create your fairy garden,” the instructor explained, “you’re creating magic. For it is within the fairy garden that fairies feel safe to come out and play.”

Flat Stanley wondered if he had turned into a fairy, because he definitely wanted to come out and play!  So he did!  He squeezed through the little peep hole while she was carefully painting the little bird house with her pink colored paintbrush.

Alexa was very surprised to see Flat Stanley come out of the fairy garden she was creating!  She gave him a big hug and then let him help her place the special charms back on the house.  Because you see, when he popped out, the little butterfly charm at the top of the eve and the little key below his hidaway hole fell off.  So, they fixed it together.

The instructor allowed Alexa and Flat Stanley to use some of her teal paint to create a wading pool for the fairy’s to play in.  She and Flat Stanley created waves with a lighter color.  This was FUN!

Alexa’s sister Jaida and their Mom Shana and grandma Christa were all making their own little fairy gardens.  Flat Stanley had to help Auntie Shana put her cranberry strand back in place after he swung high and wide from the top of her magical fairy garden!

After they were all finished creating their masterpieces, Flat Stanley took a nice picture of all of them, with their magical creations…where fairies reside and hide.

Next thing Flat Stanley knew he was dancing.  Flat Stanley loves to dance!  He was dancing with Alexa!  He started Breakdancing!  The music was loud the beat was thumping through his bones and he was so happy!

…and then Flat Stanley woke up.

IT WAS ALL A DREAM!  A wonderful beautiful magical dream!  Flat Stanley shut his eyes really tight to see if he could return to his magical dream with Alexa…but no.  He was awake, hungry and needed to use the restroom.

Have you ever had a dream that you loved so much, you really hoped that closing your eyes and trying to get back to sleep would return you to the same dream?

Although he couldn’t return to the land of fairies, he was happy to tell Nana all about his magical dream over breakfast.  He made Nana smile.

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Flat Stanley the Prankster!

Nana was a little groggy this morning.  These early morning workers are messing with her usual late night and late morning schedule.  Flat Stanley woke up earlier than usual, and came downstairs.  He had a cereal bar and some juice and was just waiting for the day to begin!

Nana came out of the bathroom and into the kitchen, heading straight for the coffee pot.  When out of the corner near the cabinets UP springs Flat Stanley from a crouched position with a LOUD “RRRAAAHGGGHHHHHHH!!!”  I jumped about 10 inches off the ground and shouted in fear!!  “Flat Stanley!!!  What are you trying to do to Nana?!!!” I shouted.

Flat Stanley couldn’t answer because he was rolling on the kitchen floor laughing.  Nana shook her head and made her way to the coffee machine.  “This crazy house is going to get the better of me,” Nana whispered under her breath with a little bit of a giggle of her own.  He got me, the little prankster.

After Nana’s breakfast the builder came by to meet with Nana and Papa and go over some plans for the new house.

“I see you brought Papa’s bathroom a bit early,” Nana said.  The builder looked at Nana and nodded in understanding of her own little prank.  He explained how the supply house was running a special, so he had it delivered quite early this morning, and it’s a nice all in one system.  Papa nodded his head understanding a discount; but he was a little surprised that he didn’t get to pick it out.

After the builder left, Nana and Flat Stanley went outside to play, and I wanted to show him Papa’s “new bathroom” so Flat Stanley could be in on the prank.

Inside is the all in one system.  Flat Stanley turned as white as a sheet!  “You go to the bathroom in here?” Flat Stanley asked.  Well, the workermen will be working long days and as the  house is being built, there will be no bathroom, so yes.  They will use this, the Porta Potty.

When they all went out later in the day, they drove down the drive and Papa saw his “new bathroom.” Everyone got a good laugh. “You got me!!!” Papa said with a laugh.  Pranks are fun.

When Papa saw it from further up the driveway, he thought it was a “telephone booth.”

“What’s a telephone booth?” Flat Stanley asked.

“Well today,” Nana explained, “people walk around with cell phones in their pockets or up to their ears or looking down to text as they try to walk.  Before cell phones were invented, there were pay phone booths set up on corners, where many people walked.”  You’d put a dime in next to the ear piece and dial the number you’d like to call.  It had a little bench inside too, and kind of looked like a little clear windowed outhouse.”

Have you ever pranked someone?  Flat Stanley would love for you to share your pranks in the comments below.  Tomorrow is Easter, and April Fool’s Day!  What pranks will you play?

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