Flat Stanley is Spoiled Sick

This was another day of fun for Flat Stanley!  So many days of fun wrapped up like a present called vacation!

Nana and Papa are having so much fun with all of their grandloves in Virginia.

Today may have been a little too much fun though!

Nana asked Jaida to pick her day of fun.  Jaida chose shopping!  Tomorrow, Jaida is spending the day at Kings Dominion amusement park where they have a lot of fast rides and roller coasters.

“I’m so excited!” Jaida kept saying.  Her band class had a fundraiser where they worked really hard at selling things to their family, friends and neighbors.  They did so well that they earned a trip to the amusement park for free!

As they buckled up in the car, Flat Stanley found his favorite cup holder seat and they prepared for adventure!

“Where to?” Nana asked Jaida.

“Oh Nana, there’s this country store up the road that you are going to love!  Every time I go there you come to my mind. There’s a lot of natural stuff and country pictures and things.”

Jaida pointed the way, and it didn’t take long to get there.

It WAS an amazing store!  Natural? Nana wasn’t so sure, but the cart was filling up!  Bakery goods, rows and rows of every kind of candy and fun games and technical trinkets.

“Look at the candy isle!” Alexa said as she led Nana to her favorite part of the store!

They had Nana’s favorite Almond Roca, Papa’s favorite chocolate covered chips of ginger and we bought individual turnover pies for everyone.

Flat Stanley chose the chocolate pie.  Nana chose the lemon pie and Jaida got a Pecan pie for her Grandma Christa and a Raspberry pie for Papa.

What is your favorite kind of pie?

We bought so much stuff that Jaida had to help the check out lady by bagging the items.

When we got home and unpacked, Nana told Flat Stanley that he could choose one treat to eat after dinner.  He was having a hard time choosing just one special treat!

After dinner, Flat Stanley chose the fiery hot chips as his snack.

They were spicy hot and made his lips smack in goodness.

Nana and Papa were watching the baseball game.  When Flat Stanley looked at the big pile of snacks as he passed by, the chocolate pie seemed to whisper in his ear.

You know he wanted to, you know he had to, you know he did!

Flat Stanley snuck the chocolate pie into the dining room and unwrapped the flaky crusted turnover.  As he bit into the creamy chocolate center, it was delicious! He ate the pie as fast as he could and then returned to the living room where Papa was screaming at the TV. His Red Sox team was losing.

Flat Stanley sat as cool as a cucumber, he knew he should have listened to Nana, but she won’t know.

Pretty soon his stomach started gurgling pretty loudly and his face felt a little green with sickness.

Nana looked over at Flat Stanley and gave that stern look she gives.  You know, the one where her chin dips down and she peers over the top of her glasses looking at him through her eyebrows.

Flat Stanley knew he was caught, but how did she know?  Did Alexa tell on him?  Flat Stanley thought Alexa had seen him in the corner of the dining room as he devoured the pie…ughh the thought of the pie and that stern look, was making Flat Stanley feel even more sick!

“Did you enjoy your chocolate pie AFTER your fiery chips” Nana asked.

Flat Stanley started to slowly shake his head no, but knew that lying would make things worse, so he changed the direction of his head shake from a no to a yes.

Nana could see that Flat Stanley didn’t feel well after eating so much.

“Go brush your teeth and get ready for bed Flat Stanley.  You’re going to go to bed early tonight.”

Flat Stanley was grateful for the punishment and opportunity to get away from Nana’s stern eyes boring into his soul, that wasn’t feeling very good tonight.

Flat Stanley knew he should have obeyed Nana, but how she found out was nagging on the edges of his mind as he made his way to the bathroom.

As he stepped up on his stepping stool to reach the sink he looked up into the mirror and there was his answer.  His face was covered in chocolate cream! Woooops!

Flat Stanley washed the evidence from his face, brushed his teeth and went to bed.

When Nana came in to tuck him in and read a story, Flat Stanley started feeling a little bit better.

Nana wasn’t too mad, she talked to Flat Stanley about how hard it is for everyone to resist the temptation of too much junk food.

He promised to do better tomorrow.

Nana left his room smiling as she thought of his messy chocolaty face that gave him away.

I hope this finds you smiling too. Thanks for sharing the smiles and letting others know about Flat Stanley’s daily adventures.